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SMR 432: Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania

Rod and Karen review the latest entry in the Marvel Universe, “Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania.” We also discuss movie trailers and your feedback.


  1. jamielscorpio

    Thank y’all for this review it was refreshing. It seems as of late the thing is to just shit on Marvel Movies in reviews. Or a person who spends months and months telling you how they are tired of superhero movies and how they don’t like Marvel movies. Just to review these Marvel productions and shit on them. Was it the best Marvel movie? No. But it was still a solid movie. Marvel has raised the standard for this genre and they don’t get enough credit for that. It’s the only movies that ppl know are going to be over 2 hours going in to them. And we all sign up for them. Because we know they are going to be entertaining and the time will go by fast. Peace yall

  2. Sean

    I was listening to your discussion about Katy M. O’Brian who I recognized from Z Nation, George. Anyways, I was thinking during the movie, she is similar height and weight (~an inch [3cm] shorter and 11 lbs [5kg] buffer) and six years younger than Gina Carano, and already affiliated with Disney… In addition she is a better actor and better at choreographed fighting (maybe better at real fighting too, but I wouldn’t want to say either way). That spinoff that Gina killed, couldn’t they just give it to Katy?

    Sorry, that’s just where my mind went when I saw those abs.

    Also, on Kang, isn’t this the second Kang we met and the second Kang who wanted to kill all the other Kangs and trim the Multiverse? While He Who Survives may have seemed more palatable, he was just as brutal (if not moreso) than this iteration. Just glad that they got such a great actor to play all the Kangs. He is killing it!

  3. RoninRaphael

    “Who is Kang?” My man responded with “Win” I would have taken the deal right there. Should have started playing “win, win, all I do is win” “you either with me or against me ” … man I enjoyed this movie. Decisions have consequences, I love how this movie questions every decision made by the heroes. It looks easy on paper to say kill or stop the bad guy in front of you. However, if you were truly listening to what he was saying just like Loki. Now, the consequences begin. Welcome the Dynasty of Brother Kang!

    Kang smacking Ant-Man and the Wasp like they were nothing was a big favorite. Maybe, I should dress as Kang to Comic Con maybe in my next life

    Quick one on Avatar Way of Water, my friend and his wife were in India over a month ago for holidays. We were chatting and I asked if he had seen Avatar 2, he said that he couldn’t. All the theaters around him in the city of Chennai were sold out. He was going to wait until he returned back to Brooklyn to view the movie as he had given up trying. The same day on Twitter, I noticed a bunch of people in America still complaining that they didn’t know who was watching this movie.

    May Kang tha Conqueror deliver us all.


    I referred to this as Ant-Man & The Wasp with Kang Hot Sauce, cuz you should definitely put that shit on everything.

    This was a fun one. Of the many genres in the MCU, I probably like Ant-Man & The Wasp the least. They’re consistently good to very good movies, like most of these are, but they never arrive at a place of epic resonance, which is ok. Quantumania feels epic, when it’s story, still feels fairly grounded…..just with a soon-to-be omnipresent bad guy in the Multiverse Saga. The principal cast is good as ever with Paul Rudd being his usual affably dorky self. Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas (who did more than I thought he would here, which, yeah, DOPE!), Michelle Pfeiffer and Kathryn Newton being the newbie. To me, they’re roles are pretty matter-of-fact. Newton didn’t really bother me, since, Cassie’s been an adorable little dork since the first film and she carries that role to heart. A future Avenger getting her feet wet is going to go through awkward steps and that’s what that looked like to me, so I didn’t mind her. Michelle Latasha Pfeiffer had some depth here with Johnathan Majors’s Kang. Obviously we finally got that Janet Van Dyne payoff we’ve been waiting for and their scene chemistry is rock-solid. Kang being who he is and her seeing who he is, had a solid payoff. Likewise MODOK and his oversized big head. I’ve seen the complaints and y’all, I don’t care. MODOK’s an ugly motherfucker, so they oversized Corey Stoll’s head and voila, nigga has a bigger head than an oversized PEZ from the last film. A part of me wished he didn’t die, but this is the multiverse, another version could come back in some way in later films. I liked the resistance group (William Harper Jackson, Katy O’ Brien and the always reliable David Dastmalchian, playing a jelly thingy with no holes) and they do a nice job of adding to the importance of Kang. Their world of other weird looking characters adds something here.

    Of course, Kang is so good and hiring Majors like Brolin before him with Thanos is just, yeah, thanks Marvel Studios. Majors is born for this shit. The costume, the voice, the confidence, them fucking hands hitting Lang like he was standing still. Even if folks aren’t feeling this one, don’t blame Uncle Kang, because he and his many kinfolk cooked!

    Bill Murray unfortunately didn’t cook, as his Lord Cryler was nothing more than a means to an end. Happy to see him, though; he just didn’t do anything.

    Gorgeous film, the green screen didn’t bother me (I mean, it rarely bothers me, unless, it’s super off-putting). There’s no other way to do this honestly, so, yeah, the effects look really good. Bill Pope does his thing, usually with the cinematography and Peyton Reed does a solid job directing this baby.

    Somewhat exceeded my expectations, so I had a good time with this. Hate for it is more overblown than recession talk. Definitely not the greatest MCU, but I wasn’t asking for that and some of these should be just “fine” or “good” to general audience and critics like this one is and what’s wrong with that?

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