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2674: Tubi Or Not Tubi

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Yaytoonday

    Not Nollywood catching strays lol! But you right, as a Nigerian I can agree that Nollywood movies need work, but I still love it!

  2. ApiafromGermany

    I have family members with different stages of social evolvment. It’s not my fault! I say stuff but can’t always argue to the max.

    Side effects:
    When a drug hits a market now, you can’t imagine how seriously the side effects are taken. To the level you might call religious. I have to report every side effect now matter how ridiculous in 24h.
    Like “my patient thinks the heart drug might changed his hair to slightly more curly” for example. It’s to the level of an obsessive brain. But I think it was different in the past.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I live in Germany, was born in Poland and I’m not a fan of either of the typical foods.
    And that’s a lot because I’m not a big meat eater. I like pierogi with mushrooms and Sauerkraut ( thats a polish dish!) and from German potato dishes.
    When “German culture” is shown if its not something Nazi related its Oktoberfest with Dirndl and sausage.
    But Oktoberfest fest is something from Bavaria, it’s a part of southern Germany and as if US culture would be only shown as cowboy and rodeo stuff from Texas. But I gladly take it over the Nazi stuff so ok.

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