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2683: TikTok Therapy

Rod and Karen discuss therapists on social media, Michelle Obama broke down after Trump’s inauguration, Chris Rock standup fallout, Detroit rapper sentence for tax fraud, Florida man survives flood on the couch, nurse claims she was fired for having an OnlyFans and sword ratchetness.

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    Psychologist and even clients doing this, should pay a heavy price for this. Like, bruh, I’d be fucking pissed if my psychologist did this. Absolutely unforgivable. You endanger me, my issues and by extension, the integrity of your profession, causing people who hide their pain to then re-eternalize years and/decades of trauma.
    Not everything needs to be content. Even if black men may have been fucked up to you, and I feel sorry for her, you put a target on every other black man, who didn’t give you shit.

    You want us to be more open, yet then destigmatize us? The fuck is that, really? What’s the point of having all of these avenues if you’re then going to use these platforms to then use a context-free, draining platforms, only meant to exploit and make up shit, because your feelings are hurt.

    A reason why I needed a therapist because I went through a breakup and people were worried about me and the shit I’ve dealt with for 35 years of my life. Runs the gamut: Autism, romantic relationships, family trouble, depression, anxiety, etc. Been in therapy for 14+ years and I’m a better person for it. She’s been good to me as I’ve been good to her. However, I keep that shit to myself or with friends or family who knows me, not a platform laughing about one’s trauma or fucked up childhood. Mistrust is at an all-time high worldwide, practically for this reason and again. Said it regarding Big Groove a couple of weeks ago and I’ll say here again, I don’t trust these woe is me niggas to be mature about this. I don’t and never will. I shouldn’t take this so personal, but I do, because I’ve met and chatted with these people and their consistency is about stable as a fakeass leftist on Twitter espousing virtues of what being a liberal is. It’s a crock of shit because they’re sanctimonious.

    A person who’s not in the field using the platform to take about their otherwise private session with their shrink is already fucked up.

    Professional Psychologist? Oh, nigga we might be in a grappling contest, especially in this climate. You shouldn’t do this as a job, then. You shouldn’t play with people’s heads like that. There’s a reason when people who deal with, say, suicidal ideation, call 911, help is pretty much above the psychologist and they’re are other people who can help you coup. You don’t use your high-esteemed roll to then blaspheme me, because some niggas fucked with you or worse, you’re just stereotyping for clout. Both choices suck, as far as I’m concerned. Help people. Give them info on how to better cope with his, her or their pain, not how you won’t talk to a certain group of people, because of either narrative or whatever. Get some help then. Every group is fucked up, regardless of race. Give them the tools and help yourself in the process. If you can’t do those two things, get the fuck out and find a job you’re comfortable doing. This internet shit is killing people. Sick of it. Peace.

  2. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I give five stars for the episode. I agree with @ Apia. Nobody needs to know the type of client you choose not to work with/take.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    If my therapist was on social media and talk critical about patients, it would absolutely hurt the relationship and make me less open.

    Also as a white person, if you don’t want white clients its your choice, it’s OK but why say it on social media. What is it good for besides giving some fuel to people who think white people are under some attack.

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