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2684: Goodbye Diversity

Rod and Karen discuss Karen’s Hornet’s corner, Angela Bassett Oscars snub, Hugh Grant red carpet interview, Mo’Nique still wants public apologies, siblings who beat up Jussie in new documentary, reusable water bottles have lots of bacteria, man sues BWW over boneless chicken wings, Biden reinforces background checks for guns, new safe room technology for classrooms, Mexico’s president says his country is safer than US after 4 Americans were kidnapped, Angela Yee talks about being the only woman on the Breakfast Club, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion jobs disappearing, Texas Tech coach suspended, employees resign from racism with racist drink names, man unknowingly signs over house for 10 bucks, mom beats up her daughter’s bully at school, man arrested after getting trapped in school wall and sword ratchetness.

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    Only thing I have to add about this year’s Oscar’s, I’m glad Andrea Riseborough didn’t get an award for her performance in To Leslie. They wasted a grassroots campaign for that? The film was ok, but Riseborough and even Marc Maron have done better films prior.

    Ok, I do want to add something but yeah, while I don’t think Jamie Lee Curtis didn’t deserve the award for Everything Everywhere All At Once, considering the same awards show, doesn’t acknowledge horror or comedies on the same levels as dramas or some high-art action flick that does jazz hands, I do get it. It’s her first nomination and first victory. I felt bad for Angela Bassett, who gave it her all in Wakanda Forever and then some, but that’s the weird about these award shows, I guess. I, too, stayed away from much of the conversations about it. I haven’t watched these since 2015. Stephanie Hsu was better than JLC, in my opinion, but, again, I guess. It’s never truly the best actor, actress, director, film or cinematography that gets these, it’s “who we like” over “who’s truly the best”. Some Oscar voters are still doing their racist takes, superhero films don’t deserve notoriety, etc. Sanctimony gone sanctimony.

    On the bright-side, been gettin’ my to Larry Sanders, which felt like an achievement because that show rules. Never watched it before and, wow. Good shit. Take care.

  2. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars for the Layla (Lalia) Cat remix and the entire episode.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Hugh Grant was on the red carpet and wanted to feel above it. So why did he walk it.
    Ashley Graham is of German and English heritage, she might have the same condition as your friend Apia, the appearance doesn’t fit the heritage. ( I’m pretty much Eastern European + some other dna looking Greek or Spanish)

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Put a sick beat under the miau song and it’s an Euro dance track.

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