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PG 362: Musty

Rod and Justin discuss the NCAA tourney, HBCUs, musty people, God Loves Me, the House Party reboot, The Last Of Us, In The Name Of God, Monique Olivier Accessory To Murder, Xbox monitor, working on Game Theory this season and listener feedback.


  1. Prath.t

    Hey Everyone, the topic of mustiness hit close to home. Being an overweight subcontinental brown man, I know the stigma all too well. I hate the thought of sweating, especially at work. If the temperature goes higher during the day, I subconsciously move slower to avoid the possibility of sweating. When I smell the mustiness of a fellow brown brother, I can’t help but feel like their letting us down. What’s messed up is that mustiness in certain contexts usually means they’re working harder.
    Exercise is a different story, but real deodorant is still a must. Having said that, how the hell to some people (mainly whites) go for a lunchtime “fun run” and then go back to work?! Every time I exercise I’m usually sweating for 1 to 2 hours after I exercise!!
    Sorry, I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for the great shows and congrats on the success of Game Theory Rod!
    Take care

  2. rodimusprime

    Rod, I could hear you flex on your work on Game Theory all day. I be so proud like I did some shit, but it’s soooooo great to see you shine. Like…don’t ever stop sharing about it.

    I’ve just got proud granny energy over here so hearing your wins brings me so much pure joy.

    You are so good at your craft and I haven’t met anyone who navigates or crafts jokes like you. You are an inspiration, an icon, and a legend and if you are looking for people to help keep you humble, you won’t find it here.

    I know you only wanna work for Bo, but if you ever decided to branch out and do other shit I wouldn’t be mad. I’d even join the monkey gang when you inevitably get cancelled on Twitter. What’s the hive name? #RodPod?


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