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BDS 472: The Afro-Step

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ja Morant gun fallout, Jackson Mahomes, MJ selling the Hornets, MLB won’t discipline Clevinger, Darren Waller gets married, Eagles WR robbed, Canadian Women’s team equal pay, Tiger Woods ugly breakup, WWE betting, Lamar Jackson market, Michael Irving  accusation details, Kap says his parents were kinda racist, Larsa denies BBL, Chris Beard hired at Ole Miss, Shawn Kemp parking lot shooting, Brandon Miller, Bally Sports files for bankruptcy, Pat Bev on Ja, Gisele has moved on to a billionaire, Veronika Rajek, Frank Gore sentenced, overzealous Jets fan, Joe Mixon cleared of wrong doing and Matt Barnes has to pay back child support.


  1. chubbzero

    What’s up rod, Karen and jawn Staley. You let that 1 lil white girl [who is a baller] beat your South Carolina team in the final four. Kaitlin Kurry Klark and the rest of the sisters of the confederacy sent y’all packing. Have you ever heard of a box and 1 coach? Or just follow her ass the entire length of the court every where she went. Did y’all know that South Carolina rebounds 48% of their missed shots on average? I don’t think that I have ever heard a team doing that. That was some real David vee Goliath shit right there. But it did set up a great championship game between Iowa and LSU. An all white starting 5 against all sisters on LSU. if you claimed you didn’t have a rooting interest you were lying. Angel reese put that john Cena on Kaitlin after Kaitlin had been doing it and yfolks lost their mind! For some reason I thought about videos when racist white people call someone of color a nigger and bystanders have no problem until the p.o.c. retialites by beating the racist’s ass. Am I tripping? Alright yall have a great weekend!


    Look at these sweet babies, Rod, Karen & Jeith Olbermann.

    Yo, Keith, how the fuck you didn’t know these optics about Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese and how bad it looks. Calling a black woman, who wanted all the smoke, “a fucking idiot” for returning that energy right back at Clark, who was otherwise fine with it.

    Funny that the “fucking idiot” is one who blows more jobs in his profession because he can’t keep his snarky, sanctimonious, fragile ego in check. Buddy has more racial blindspots than Bill Skarsgard in John Wick 4.

    Keith has done good through his career, so I’m not going to take that away from him. However, I find it funny how these “allies” be fucking up when it comes to black people. Guess we gotta shake the fragility out of their useless, scaredy, “I don’t see color” souls. In this climate, it’s a fucking must. Shaq and Samuel Jackson went “Civil War” on that man on Twitter. I fucking love it!

    Was Angel rude about it? Yes…..and. Caitlin Clark shouldn’t be fucking infantilized because she lost. Love you, Jill Biden, but that’s a bad message. I don’t think Joe will do that. Nuking the black women vote to celebrate a losing player’s team is very shitty look, optically. Talk to shit, Angel. You too, Caitlin. The college and pro game needs this shit wholesale. People want authenticity, until, their feelings hurt. Shit will always and forever be trash to me. Shouldn’t have watched, if people were going to be mad about ballplayers having fun. Now that’s fucking idiotic.

    That’s all I got.

  3. csick

    Regarding Michael Irvin, your discussion made it seem like Michael Irvin was being sued by the woman and he is counter-suing. I think it’s worth emphasizing that no one is suing Michael Irvin. Irvin is suing Marriott because the hotel reported the incident to NFL Network after she reported it to them. I can’t imagine what motive she would have for making a false claim of sexual harassment if she’s not seeking any financial compensation.

    As far as I can tell, I don’t think he was actually fired, just pulled from Super Bowl coverage. I think that by filing this lawsuit, Michael Irvin is just keeping this story in the news when it probably would have just blown over and people would have forgotten about it by the time football season starts up again.

  4. JLCauvin

    crazy – now that I am caught up – you make the Ja Morant-Franklin comparison! Nice (regarding my comment from that last ep)

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