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SMR 438: Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Rod and Karen discuss the “Shazam!” sequel, “Shazam! Fury of the Gods!” We also discuss movie trailers, an annoying fanboy and your feedback.


  1. PamelaM8

    Hello Rod and Queen Karen! So sorry to hear about your experience at the movie theater, Rod! What is wrong with these MFers out here? And you can’t really do too much about it because MFers be crazy! So rude and disrespectful. But gotta let them cook because I’m not inviting crazy any closer to me!

    We saw this movie as part of a double feature for my son’s birthday (2nd movie was Ant-Man) and it was good enough. It was too long. I didn’t like Wonder Woman’s appearance at the end of the movie because it felt tonally off to me, but they had to find some way to bring Billy back to life. And yes, that was absolutely Freddie’s movie and that actor did a fantastic job. I really couldn’t remember any of the kids (besides Freddy) from the previous movie other than the oldest college girl and little Darla, and little Darla was looking absolutely teenaged to me; I looked it up and that actress will be sixteen this year. Would have been nice if they could have gotten this movie out earlier but it’s DC! They don’t have a plan!

    I agree about the Flash trailer, it looks real good and I’ll be seeing it, if not on the big screen then on the small screen.

    Both of you enjoy your time in New York! Always appreciate all that you do!



    Shazam 2’s middle drags worse than sugar grits. Namely, with the three gods debating on what to do with the city of Philly and stuff in the Rock of Eternity. By the time the film recovers with a nice third-act, I wasn’t invested like I was the first time with the original. As cool as it was seeing Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu kicking ass, their characters feel like they lack a true purpose, which I mostly blame that on a weak screenplay. The actors leading the lead Shazam team are as good as ever and the banter led by the impress Jack Dylan Grazer, kept me mildly invested, but again, even with that, I can’t get over how woefully muddled the second act of this is.

    Wonder Woman appearing is nice but that too felt unneeded. DCEU is closing like Circuit City did in 2008. Felt a way about it but I’ll miss that costume. Post-credits were longer than expected but they worked.

    Fury of the Gods is a very on-the-nose subtitle to this disappointing follow-up of the 2019 great film. New group coming in that’ll throw out this world in the coming year or so. Kinda impressed we got two films out of Shazam but only one truly top-notch flick in the original.

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