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SMR 439: John Wick: Chapter 4

Rod and Karen review the latest impossible white man movie sequel “John Wick: Chapter 4.” We also discuss some movie trailers and your feedback for Shazam : Fury of the Gods.


  1. RoninRaphael

    Who knew that when Theon Greyjoy killed that puppy, it would be the birth of one of my favorite gunshots to the head franchise? Respect to this creative team for giving us 4 solid John Wick movies.

    I wasn’t expecting my man Lance Reddick to die after I had barely recovered from mourning him in real life and was like WTF, put down my salty berbere wings that I was munching on and had to grieve again. Goddamn, I know that it wasn’t like they could control real life but did you have to kill a Nigga? Maaaaaaan, it was hard to go back to them wings but I already paid at Alamo so RIP and I ate in grief.

    Now, what kind of change of heart was that to give up $40 million? Get a new puppy my broda! Get two king!!!

    I know that the studio is throwing word out there about a John Wick 5, however I think that this was an excellent wrap up of the John Wick chapter. The beauty of the way they have told John Wick story is that they can explore other characters and stories like in the Ballerina story I heard that’s coming out soon staring Ana de Armas with John Wick said to be appearing. There are other continental, houses, Caine etcetera to explore. They got a universe perfectly setup.

    Marvel moved on from Tony stark, so can they from John Wick. Just do it right and it will be fine! Oh btw I’ve heard some crazy stories about clubbing in Berlin, but not up to axe stabbings in the middle of dancing and no one gave 2 cents.

    Finally, shout-out to Sisu, as soon as I saw that trailer I was just hoping that you guys saw it too so I could hear your commentary . That’s definitely John Wick meets Django Unchanged of Finland without saying Niggas (maybe he did in Finnish who knows) hahaha


    Take a bow, Keanu Reeves and company. That was a fucking dismount on potentially the last one of these. I’ve heard Lionsgate wants to do a fifth one, but I hate to say it, it’d feel like a cash grab for a studio in dire need of their own Marvel Studios-type event fare. Sometimes, great action films just need to end before the scripts become so bare. John Wick Chapter 4 features immensely talented people doing immensely talented shit. Hiroyuki Sanada, Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins (in a fat suit KICKING WickGAWD), Shamier Anderson & Rina Sawayawa stabbing a dude like she’s climbing Mount Everest and others I haven’t even named who aren’t kicking ass, literally I haven’t named the bevy of stunt people who had to work with such talented people. Them motherfuckers put in work, as well.

    Lance Reddick’s (RIP) death at the beginning hit very close to home. Personally, if you’d shoot Winston (Ian McShane), it might’ve had a more profound effect, considering he was the head of The Continental and failed to kill Wick in Chapter 3 but it is what it is. Kinda wish the script writers went with that idea.

    Clancy Brown, Bill Skarsgard, Lawrence Fishburne all fit in this crazy menagerie of guns, martial arts, knives and axes. This is also the closest we’ll ever get to a movie adaptations of Max Payne but with 1000% more adrenaline. Plus, I heard that film sucked ass with Wahlberg, so it’s even more justified.

    The lightning, cinematography is amazing. I can’t say anymore about this weird, brilliant series that warms my nostalgic heart for what I loved growing up. In all honesty, I loved 3 better than this one with Halle Berry, Mark Dacascos and third-act being the differences but this one got heaters too. The length for me wasn’t a problem but I understand those not being into this like I am. I could watch a three-plus film of this and not be bothered. I will say four hours of this is pushing it, though (this film was originally going to be 3 hours & 45 minutes).

    The Wick series has probably all four movies in someone’s top-100 all-time great action films. I won’t say the greatest, because c’mon, I gotta make room for classic films starring Jackie Chan, Bruce Willis, Chow Yun-Fat, Bruce Lee, Michelle Yeoh, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Reeves with the first Matrix. That being said, I’ll fit em in there, even two and it’s struggling world building. Like Killmonger said in Black Panther in his hurt nigga spiritual in throne room in Wakanda: “I want it all!”

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