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BDS 473: Same Energy

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Angel Reese, Larsa Pippen, Jimmy G offered free sex for life, Adult film stars favorite NBA teams to fuck, Boston Radio host suspended for racial slur, DJ Hernandez, Jamal Murray has fan kicked out, Pretty Rebel goes viral for twerking at Bulls game, NC senators against participation trophies, Lamar Odom rehabs, Jim Trotter fired by NFL, Ayesha Curry’s confidence, Harold Varner keeps it real, NBA CBA, Cam Newton, Jason Lee rejected by Kelly Oubre, Andrew Wiggins, Malik Beasley says leave his family alone, Ty Lue lost 7 family members, Bradley Beal under investigation, Austin Reaves and Cardinals owner accused of cheating.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J. Rudy Gobert,

    I hope all is well. Rod, y’all did the damn thing again with Game Theory. Hilarious, insightful and had me pointing like Leo when I heard shit that sounded like your voice. It’s dope seeing how far y’all have come cuz I found you and Karen through The Evening Jones after hearing you ask if Jesus could cook with 2 fish and 2 loaves, why couldn’t Tebow couldn’t cook off 2 completions.

    Speaking of large failures from the mountain time zone, congrats to Rudy Gobert for taking an 11th hour stand against Kyle Anderson calling him a bitch! Sure it was literally the last game of the season with the post season on the line. And maybe there were some T-Wolves fans wishing this has happened sooner so they wouldn’t have to watch this man move with the grace of a falling ladder and agility of a God Of War 3 Titan. At least Anderson didn’t hit a eurostep or while run a pick n roll while calling Rudy a bitch. Gobert has 3 Defensive Player of the Year awards and might be the only multi DPOY winner whose game nobody respects? Y’all think Tony Parker ever takes a break from dirty macking to be disappointed in Gobert? And Minny traded 5 first round picks for him. What an unserious organization.

    The Cavs, a serious organization, are playing the New York Niggaboppers and I can’t wait to Mitchell and Garland ball out under the lights at MSG. Something about playing at the Garden that brings the best of teams that Spike Lee ain’t rooting for. ESPN has 52% of fans thinking the Knicks will win, but that’s just cuz NYC has like 20 million people, bless their hearts.

    Which playoff matchups are y’all looking forward to? Are the Sixers going to finally make the Eastern Conference Finals this year?

    Odell Beckham Jr signed with the Baltimore Ravens. Can y’all believe it? OBJ signed with an AFC North team that has a real QB and not Ryan Fitzpatrick with a Big 12 degree.

    Oh and I ain’t learn til last week that Kim Mulkey is from Louisiana and suddenly her technicolor nightmare fits make sense.

    Thank you as always for the dope shows and I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!




    Salutations Rod, Karen & Jiami Heat.

    Fuck, that was dreadful to watch. Miami’s geriatric asses getting mauled by a bunch a long arms and shit. Props to the Hawks earning that shit. Regardless, were kinda screwed in this matchup towards the Bulls or Raptors, since Miami has struggled against those teams. If we get in, so be it. It’ll be a quick exit towards Giannis & The Bucks, but I do want to see them in it for pride, even if it’s a sweep or a gentlemen sweep. As for the Lakers, AD’s lucky Das Niggen didn’t hit him with a choke hold, after fouling Mike Conley like a clumsy child. Timberwolves be choking games in the most impressive ways, man. Lakers vs Grizzlies should be fun as hell.

    Anyway, I’m out.

  3. Slickbarber

    What up Rod, Karen, and Justin!!! Just wanted to leave a comment on a few things. The golfer Harold Varner is a Gastonia native and ECU grad. In regards to Cam Newton’s list of QBs he would back up. Several of the guys, DeShaun Watson, Justin Fields, CJ Stroud, and Sam Howell all competed in Cam’s 7 on 7 tournament during their high school days. Sam Howell is from Indian Trail and played college ball at UNC. Love the show and thanks for all you guys do.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    I love Justin’s messy ass!

    Rod: Larsa Pippin said she was having sex 4 times a night.

    Justin: With who?

    Me: Yes, Justin, ask the important questions!!!

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