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BDS 475: How Did You Get Here?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Draymond Green suspension, NBA play-offs, Dallas fined for tanking, Diar DeRozan, high school baseball, E-40, Mikey Williams arrested, Jalen Hurts got paid, Brittany Mahomes talking that noise, OJ says Jay-Z got it wrong, Damar Hamlin wants to play again, Tua thought about retiring, Shaq got served, Chinese point shaving scandal, taking charges in the NBA, Zion, Shawn Kemp charged, Ja Morant files counter suit, new Suns owner company scandals, Charly Arnolt goes to OutKick, Michael Irvin still not on air, the Million Dollar Man charged in Favre scandal, Chris Claybrooks arrested, Antonio Brown kicked out of arena league game, NBA player’s poll, NFL suspends betting players, Nick Nurse fired, NCAA shortening football games and our NASCAR predictions.



    Hey Rod, Karen & Jiannis Antetokounmpo

    Props to both men on the topic of failure. It was a fair question and Giannis struggled with his answer, at first, but I appreciate the nuance from a very wise man, but, ultimately, this Bucks season is a massive failure. There’s no way around it. If you blow leads of 14 and 15 points in the 4th in games 4 & 5, that’s a failure. When you pass the ball to another player as if the ball is dynamite to fucking Grayson Allen? It’s a failure. When your coach doesn’t make adjustments to an 8th seed rallying back with nothing to lose? Yeah, failure.

    I’m not calling those players or even the coach a failure but the expectations of this team were massive and they fell short. Last year can absolutely be explained away, but not this year. Also, there is failure in sports, Giannis; that’s also a part of the “step” as he put it. Failure isn’t the end but it’s also something you can use to potentially fuel the hunger in a team. Giannis went through hell as a child, being homeless, not having three-course meals, etc. He went through a lot to being an incredible champion in 2021 and ambassador to the NBA. However, this shortcomings is also part of the journey and a lot of greats in the league have failed. MJ, LeBron, Curry, Payton, West, Chamberlain, Garnett, Allen, Kobe, etc. They’ve all had a big failure or two. Failure doesn’t also mean you’re a career choker or not, unless your James Harden, but I digress. It just means the Bucks didn’t make enough adjust to Jimmy “I’m Thinking I’m Back” Butler and the Heat’s other players. Tyler Herro was out and they still couldn’t take advantage of our small roster? Yeah, it’s inexcusable, to be honest. Had the Bucks beating us in 6 games and they only lasted five. Sometimes you win, sometimes you fail. Even props to Shaq for putting it into perspective. I appreciated his wisdom on the matter.

    All that being said, Budenhozer gotta go. His coaching was also inexcusable.

  2. rodimusprime

    Shout out to Rod, Karen and Jillon the Villain Brooks. Tell me how the media made this man a villain when he is always running his mouth except when it’s time to talk to the media after a loss. This clown needs to sit down and wonder why he is so open all the time.

    On another playoff note Rod said playoff Jimmy wasn’t a thing last week. Even though Jimmy himself disputed the name, do you still feel that way now?

    Love the show and keep doing yall thang.

    Jerome aka Romey

  3. rodimusprime

    G’Day everyone

    What the hell is wrong with the Bucks? How they the number 1 team in the league & they letting Haslem get playing time during the playoffs in 2023.

    & how about Jimmy.

    With how inconsistent this team was all year, I wasn’t expecting much vs the Bucks. But they surprised me & even pushed on after losing Herro & Dipo.

    & after how they won the last 2 games, I’m good with whatever happens from here. Just a shame they have to go to that city to play.

    Have a good 1, go Heat


  4. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Cleveland Javaliers,

    The Cavs went up against the Knicks and put the “dead” in “deadass” as they got thrown out the playoffs. Smdh. If Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen did the Fusion Dance they turn into the ultimate Tall Not Big Man: Karl Anthony Towns. Cavs had no answers for Jalen Brunson and went out sad as hell. And in light of Giannis’ excellent remarks about loss and failure, I think this was a fun Cavs season with a poor ending in the playoffs. But recency bias ain’t about to have me out here thinking this team was a failure. Cavs won a title in 1080p in 2016. The Knicks are about to get deep fried by the ultimate Thibs player, Jimmy Butler. This man gonna mid range jumper New York to pieces and *I cannot fucking wait*.

    Watching Butler really be him was incredible and yet somehow it felt fitting that when the lights are the brightest and stakes the highest…Milwaukee reminds everyone that Ted Cruz’s break baby is on the roster. What the fuck was that ending? Also was Giannis hurt? What’d y’all think of his post game remarks about failure? I thought it was dope hearing Giannis give such a thoughtful answer (even when it was clear he was rightfully annoyed with the question). Honestly I wish more fans took that perspective cuz sports ain’t fun that to watch from the champion or failure binary.

    Remember when Drake dissed Pusha T? Said that Push was an approachable dude and not even that mean? What happened next? Remember Dillion Brooks saying he pokes bears, that LeBron is old and he doesn’t respect anyone that can’t give him 40? Like Drake post-“Story Of Addison”, Brooks was embarrassed and shamed into the quiet contrition of someone not truly about that villain life. We ain’t but a week removed from Draymond Green doing the A-Town stomp on Sabonis’s chest and then saying attacking him was attacking the media. If Kwame Kilpatrick run for office we might’ve just found his campaign manager.

    Sorry the length of this but thank you for the dope shows throughout the week and several years running at this point.



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