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PG 365: Compliment Sandwich

Rod and Justin discuss funerals, disagreeing with your parents, going to the barber, writing for a narrative podcast, Web of Make Believe, Snowfall finale, Cheaters and listener feedback.

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  1. RoninRaphael

    Salutations my favorite cousins,

    I really appreciated the discussion on family + whooping. It took me years and therapy along with hearing from guys like you that the whoopings I got constantly were lacking the lecture part. I doubt it would have worked for all of us, as many teachers took out their frustration on us and I remember one of my seniors who returned back to our high school one year after graduation to beat the lights out of one of violent teachers. Tiny me and friends all cheered the beating. That man whipped you no matter what, good or bad. You passed or failed, except you consistently got 100%. I used to dream of beating him up one day, then life happened I moved to different cities and states. We still joke over how frustrated he must have been with life to have put us through what he did and he used to tell us about beating his young kid if her grade wasn’t perfect. He was telling 11, 12 years old kids like it was an achievement. She was in elementary!
    Probably laid the seeds for me to start to see other ways to educate over beating first teach later.

    Anytime Rod narrates Cheaters I’m here for it and I would have given you all the same type of shout-out that Michael Harriot did.

    Ya’ll da best, keep flexing!

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