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2698: Grievance Aggregators

Rod and Karen discuss Netflix’s “Beef,” social media anger, Toddler crawls through White House fence, Pusha T’s wife talks about her experiences, Pras trial, 2 cheerleaders shot, old man robs banks, barber poses as cop to sneak into Megan Thee Stallion show, bear breaks into car for soda and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I saw Beef before I heard about the controversy and loved it. It’s so indicative of the world we live in today, people escalating things that they could have just walked away from to the point of no return.

    That being said I get why people are angry at David Choe. That joke was tacky and tasteless and he really needs to offer an apology for not only that joke but how he’s been handling the situation by shutting down any discourse about it.
    What I don’t understand is why people seem to be equally angry at Ali Wong and Steven Yuen. They didn’t make that horrible joke. That guy is their friend and I think they gave him grace by not saying anything at all. Ive seen plenty of people defend the indefensible on behalf of their friends and get dragged for it. I didn’t see them defending that behavior and when they finally made a statement it wasn’t good enough for people. You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.

  2. Ste11a

    Thanks for talking about the Beef controversy. I was the person that responded to your tweet and said that it would be hard for me to watch it after hearing the podcast clip on my Twitter timeline. I never heard of this guy, David Choe, before Beef but listening to his rape joke on his podcast turned my stomach. I still want to watch it because I love Steven Yeun. It will just be a little later. I kind of hate that my enjoyment got dampened before I even watched it.

    You’re correct that there is no part of entertainment that hasn’t been touched by someone that may have done something vile or criminal at some point. There are bad people that have made some great music, movies and other art in their lifetime and I have enjoyed it. It’s a constant fight against falling into the online group/grievance mind hive. I’ll admit that sometimes, I can get rope in especially when it comes to cruelty or violence against women and children. This is why I love your podcast because you and Karen bring a different perspective.

  3. RoninRaphael

    Beef is so gooooooood. I haven’t finished it yet cause I was waiting on my usual suspects plus allergies then I saw the David Choe news & became confused by the boycott campaign. Then I thought about it and to myself after seeing some prison abolition folks going all out for this boycott. It became fascinating to just watch the language around the movement starting with calling out David Choe to slowly turning into calling out Ali Wong holding her responsible for every casting decision ever made. So I came to the simple conclusion, file it under “Do Something Joe Biden” & returned back to watching the show.

    Now to more important things, I’ve seen it with my two naked eyes before. Toddlers be communicating across realms and if we don’t act now, not even combining the Avengers with the Rock Justice League will save us. Joe Biden and all world leaders need to take these Toddlers seriously. They coming for all of us and it’s gonna be worse than Beef. There’s no where to hide. It all started with the shortages of their formulas. We Are Doomed!!!

  4. ginagate

    Forest whitaker’s character would have been 100% correct about the baby intruder: ” I wonder what he’s gonna do tomorrow? HE’S JUST PISSING ON US! ! HE’S NOT POTTY TRAINED! “

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I drive a lot for work and do so for many years and I don’t have road rage.
    This is something I’m pretty proud about. I just don’t see the point. The other person doesn’t even know I’m mad. Someone who yells in their car only yells at themselves and their passengers. If I yell at someone I want them to hear it.

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