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2697: Lil Braries

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Myq Kaplan to discuss Myq having to move from his BK apartment, getting rid of books, Fox News settles with Dominion, people posing for photos at Aushwitz, Marques Houston’s opinions on relationships, our opinions on relationships, Jonathan Majors dropped by managment and PR teams, worrying about movies, worrying about life stuff, solving problems in life without worrying too much, Myq’s views on relationships and where to catch Myq’s stand up.

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  1. EvieE

    It’s always good when Myq is on the show. He’s very engaging.

    I think Marques Houston is just one of those types of men who can’t handle a mature woman because they want to be able to talk to and do whatever the hell they want and a younger woman is most likely to put up with his bullshit that an older woman won’t. It feels very predatory when significantly older men seek out barely legal women as their partners. If I’m not mistaken he’s been problematic for a while including allegations about him molesting one of his former group mates.

    The news about Johnathan Majors is pretty disappointing because he was on the cusp of being huge and he’s talented but there’s no way your PR firm would drop you if things behind the scenes weren’t really bad. Plus more victims are stepping forward which is never a good sign. I actually think Marvel recasting Kang the conqueror’s role would actually be quite easy without much explanation considering how the multiverse works. Not all Kangs have to look alike or even be the same gender.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    This episode was so deliciously delightful. Rod and Myq’s wordplay made me laugh multiple times.

    I hate that alpha male shit, btw. The alpha in nature is usually female. This idea of the alpha male came from a flawed study about the heirarchy in wolf packs. There’s no alpha male or female in human hierarchies because a human has a different status in group depending on the situation, for example, reporting to a boss at work or yielding to the police. Alphas in nature, if you must call them that, are diplomats. They’re not loud They don’t look for fights or conflict. They collaborate with the other animals. I don’t understand Black men, in particular, in their desire to have women or other men be submissive to them. (Whatever submissive means?) I could go on, but you have talked about this before and I don’t want to bring down the mood too much.

    Thanks for a great episode. Myq, I also have many books I haven’t read (yet). I’m stupidly hopeful that I will.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I also don’t believe in the Alpha male stuff. Does this make me an Alpha male?
    I guess not. Is there something like an Alpha Female?
    In the animal world it is for sure, the naked mole rats have them for example. The Alpha female naked mole rat stresses the other females so much that they become infertile. How mean!
    But also maybe helpful in the US of today with reproductive rights for women in danger.

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