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PG 366: WhoreDash

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin getting a new dentist, Karen got a raise, Rod got too high, Baby J, The Night Agent, listener feedback and some news.


  1. Jynener

    Rod I felt your pain with the Delta 8. I work for a cannabis company and Delta 8 is still pretty unregulated. Lots of cannabis companies won’t sell it for that reason, but CBD shops do since it’s synthetic and provides the euphoria people want without the illegal THC. While it’s still legal to ship Delta 8 across state lines, just be careful. It isn’t held to the same standard as Delta 9 or THC.


    Greetings Rod Karen and Justin

    In the words of the newly crowned MVP
    Joel embiid…..

    “I’m BACK”

    Yes I’ve been MIA for about 2 months, due to the birth of my daughter and I was a stay at home dad for a bit! I came back to work this past Monday and I’ve been playing catch up on pg and bds all week! And you guys still got it! It’s funny to hear some of these stories after time has past and how you guys spoke on it!

    Due to me playing catch up on everything tbgwt, Rod and Karen, have you guys did anything yet with the final season of the walking dead? Or do you still plan to? I know you just got back home Rod and getting back in to your groove and routines, I was just asking, no rush no fuss! Also congrats on game theory s2 I’m so proud of you, seeing your growth over the past 10+ years!

    I really missed you guys and I’ve been having a blast catching up on these premium shows, once caught up I gotta go back and catch up on the regular show! Keep doing the damn thing.

    Until next time….

    Fyahworks out!!!

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