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TTM 108: Swarm, Beef and Snowfall

Rod and Bassey talk TV.

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  1. PamelaM8

    Hello Rod and Bassey – I just finished watching Beef and I finished Swarm earlier this week. Swarm was superb, but Beef was magnificent! The way that everything just kept escalating and each show just kept improving on the previous show! Very well thought out and well written and I loved the 90s soundtrack!

    I listened to this prior to watching both of those shows, because why would I wait when Rod and Bassey are available? I’d left off with season 3 of Snowfall, but that’s what’s great about your recaps; I can always go back! Downloaded this again last night and will listen again when I’m back up in that b****. Just logged into Hulu so I can start over with Snowfall and can’t wait to see how it goes. Thank you both for your nuance, perspective and insight!


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