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BDS 476: Failure

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Crittenton to be released from prison, Manziel domestic violence claims, LiAngelo Ball knocked up an IG bady, Antonio Brown, Aaron Rodgers traded, Ime Udoka hired to coach the Rockets, Ex-UFC star accidentally insults his wife, Cam Newton’s new girlfriend stand-up, Simone Biles responds to critics of her hair, Deion Sanders got everyone transferring, Tara Davis-Woodhall test positive for weed, Marly Rivera fired for insulting fellow reporter, KD signs lifetime deal with Nike, Josh Allen cheating rumors, Big Ben takes a shot at RG3, former Falcons player shoots at car with a kid in it, Anthony Edwards liking IG comments, Brittney Griner says no more overseas for her, NBA finals starting 30 minutes earlier, Phil Jackson might be racist, NFL draft clips, Michael Irvin sad tweets and Uh Oh, These Niggas Fighting.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jillon Brooks,

    I hope all is well.

    Only thing worse than a 20 year player dropping a 20 pt, 20 rebound on you? Your team getting ejected from the playoffs by 40 points. And the only thing worse than that? Getting fired on your day off and the organization telling the world you’re fire with they whole chest. The Grizzle said they weren’t bringing him back under any circumstances and they could find another loud (bricking) 3 and (suspect) D nigga in the G League. Brooks is gonna go supernova in China, so at least he has that to look forward too.

    So there’s a lotta excitement around Deion Sanders at Colorado but, uh, that shit is looking *bad*. Colorado last season might’ve been one of the worst FBS teams in a long time (even worse than all those Duke teams) and their shit ain’t some “just add water” operation. Only having like scholarship players on the roster at the start of May is alarming. Especially since they ain’t got many linemen, which is especially bad when the starting QB (Deion’s son) ain’t exactly the most sturdy looking QB; speaking of QBs, if Sheadur Sanders gets hurt then their basically fucked cuz all the other QBs either transferred somewhere or ain’t transferring in so they can backup the head coach’s son. The last time I was as sure of a coach not working out in football, I was wondering why Urban Meyer wanted to test his blood pressure in the NFL.

    Y’all hear Deion talk about being ashamed that only 1 HBCU player got drafted? Only like 20 FCS players got drafted to the NFL in the first place and the first one off the board was a left tackle from North Dakota State (the super Bama of FCS football). But then again, it’s Deion so it ain’t like he’s saying shit in good faith. Ugh.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always for the dope shows.




    What’s poppin, rod Karen and jeontay wilder:

    Hey Rod, drop that Ray Lewis for me……

    So Deontay wilder, got pulled over and arrested for felony weapons charges, out in the city of angels. He had the holy trinity of things that will cause you to get pulled over and locked up. Dark tints, marijuana scent, and a gun. After being released, he made a statement saying he rather be safe than sorry. I took to mean, he wants to have it on him in the event someone wants to try him. What are y’all thoughts on his statement?

    Congrats to Joel embiid. On his first mvp. It’s a damn shame how that game 2 went. Let’s see if they can protect home court in game 3 &4.
    Shout out to the lakers with that huge win or steal in San Fran vs the warriors in game one. For this round 2 what are y’all predictions ?

    Appreciate you guys and I’m am more than happy to be back sharing and talking with you guys. Have a great weekend.

    Fyahworks out!!!!

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