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2703: Whispering In the Beauty Salon

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars for the Recap/Feedback show. You two are that important to me, and I spent almost four hours at the Beauty Salon in a very uncomfortable chair! My back, hips, and knees are not as flexible/durable from my younger years when I could sit that long to get my hair done!

  2. shanna

    Hey Rod and Karen,
    I’m writing now (on Sunday) because I always forget to write in before Saturday and I’m always behind (even when y’all give me time to catch up ). I just wanted to say that what I really appreciate about your perspective on things is that for me, it keeps me honest and accountable to myself. For example, when you were talking about Chris Rock, I realized that at some point, his comedy stopped interesting me and I moved on. Even with the new special, I didn’t feel the need to watch it or snippets to be a part of the conversation. I’ve just moved on. I feel also feel the same about people’s need to hate celebs forever or boycott their work for perceived slights. I don’t care that Awkafina has a blaccent or Chris Pratt went to a homophobic church I’m still going to Guardians. Even though we don’t always agree (and I know you don’t need anyone to agree with y’all), I do really try to “keep that same energy” when it comes to these situations because your perspective has definitely encouraged me to slow down and think about why people are so mad at these things. And I bet we have a couple of the same Twitter accounts muted because I definitely got tired of people in my feed who are just making people mad for engagement.

    Finally, on the BEEF beef. I binged all of the show before the David Choe info started coming out. Looking into it, I realized that I did know who he was and I had listened to his and Asa’s podcast back in the day and stopped listening because they both left a bad taste in my mouth with their “look at how edgy I am by pushing the boundaries” type of podcasting. Besides what you’ve already mentioned about why people are upset at Choe (and Ali Wong and Steven Yeun), I think there’s also a sense of being “tricked” at play. Many folks were excited for this show and talking about it because of the AAPI leads and creators, and a lot of people were encouraging folks to watch it the weekend it dropped because of how Netflix views streams. So I think (because people equate what they consume with their personal goodness) they felt duped into supporting something they feel they wouldn’t have if they had known about Choe. It’s still all wrapped up in people’s weird consumption = values/moral goodness worldview but I wanted to throw that into the mix because I saw a lot of “dang I already finished” and ” I wouldn’t have watched it” comments.

    That’s all. Sorry for the long comment but I think I’ve been meaning to write in for about a month so I was saving it up . Love y’all!


    • shanna

      And excuse the typos. I’m writing and playing Animal Crossing

  3. ApiafromGermany

    When men bring g up the naturalistic argument that they have to have sex with as many women as possible I wonder why no one ever brings it up for women. It would be best if women had several children and every child had a different father. This way the genes of the women have the best chance to survive a changing environment. The children would be more different than the children who are full siblings. If there was an infectious disease for example going around, different genes increase the chances of survival.
    But do we ever celebrate a women who has 5 kids and everyone has a different dad as a hero of evolution?
    Not so much.

    By the way sorry to womenssplain but the frog in who stays in water that gets slowly hotter is a myth.
    Frogs are smarter!

    Wikipedia says:

    While some 19th-century experiments suggested that the underlying premise is true if the heating is sufficiently gradual,[2][3] according to modern biologists the premise is false: changing location is a natural thermoregulation strategy for frogs and other ectotherms, and is necessary for survival in the wild. A frog that is gradually heated will jump out. Furthermore, a frog placed into already boiling water will die immediately, not jump out.[4][

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