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SMR 443: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Rod and Karen review the latest installment in James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise, Vol 3! We also discuss movie trailers and your feedback.


  1. Sean

    I mean… This was a great movie. It did everything you want and more. Filming the corridor sequence in a way reminiscent of single-shot kung fu action with the tight-knit interaction of a well honed machine was masterful.

    The only real negative I had from the film was the ending, “Star Lord will return”. I mean, nothing against Pratt or his character, but he was the only one that I didn’t feel the desire to see more of.

    I want more stories of Knowhere with Nebula and Drax (that could definitely develop into an interesting dynamic).

    I want to see the new Guardians with Papa Rocket guiding his adolescent brood and Cosmo.

    I want to see Mantis and her three puppies on a journey of self discovery.

    Gomora’s rise through the ranks of the Ravagers is also fertile grounds for storytelling, even if the actress retires and is replaced.

    That leaves us with Star Lord. The most milk toast and boring member of the team. He finally grows just enough to realize what many of us have realized all along, Rocket should have been the Captain the whole time. Then he goes to visit family. I mean, good that he is finally starting to mature, but he’s still not that engaging.

    Thanks for the great reviews and I look forward to listening to your reviews after watching the movies. I may even watch Creed III when it comes out in a couple weeks (Japanese release times can get a little crazy), just so I can enjoy your review. Keep being great!


    This is how a Mike drop is done.

    James Gunn’s Guardians films, feeling the most like what the director envisioned when we had those massive butterflies in our stomach before the release of the original. Three otherworldly bangers in a decade. If this an indication of what Gunn will do at DC, his ideas will absolutely be in good hands.

    This film demonstrated the growth of many characters. Some human & some not. Rocket’s journey as is simply why Gunn is good at shit like this. It’s an earned backstory with a ton of gravitas. It also helps that his maker is such a gigantic piece of shit that is the High Evolutionary, played effortlessly by Chukwudi Iwuji. Who knew I’d be sniffling at the trauma of dismembered, broken animals trying to just be.

    Chris Pratt is so good as Star-Lord. Probably his best performance out of the three Guardians films. Love the way his character grows in this film. Mantis (Pom Klementiff), Nebula (Karen Gillan), Drax (Dave Bautista), Groot (Vin Diesel) and even someone as simple as Adam Warlock (Will Poulter) in some way shape or form grow from how he or she began from the first film. It’s a very earnest film like prior entries, yet even more so, because of what was written to screen. It did get a bit too weird for my taste, but I just think that’s just the authenticity of the cast and crew’s outerworldly talents taking shape.

    Marvel will be fine, but they’ll miss Gunn’s stylings. I don’t know who will be in position to handle Star-Lord and other Guardians in future MCU movies, it’ll be different, for sure.

    Looking forward to DC’s future. You guys got a winner.

  3. RoninRaphael

    Salutations from the newest member of the GoTG, I’m only on the screen in select theaters. I am Groots cousin. As proof, I got special discounts on Groot bark tea.

    Shout-out to James Gunn for beautifully wrapping up his trilogy. The 3rd movie was just muaaaah!

    I was fascinated to see the introduction of High Evolutionary and the changes made to his comic books costume. I had been expecting him since Dr Strange: MoM cause they went to the mountain where in the X-Men cartoons, the High Evolutionary kidnapped Wanda & Pietro as babies to be raised by one of his creations. James Gunn always gave me a good time with GoTG and that’s enough for 5-Stars for me.

    I’m impressed with how multiple characters arcs developed in this movie while Rocket was the heart. Mantis telling Peter to go check on his family on earth was a big Yes. Yes, he was grieving Gamora, but he had always been the kid who ran when his mom reached out with her dying breath, ran away from everyone in fear and been running since. He finally stopped running and went back. Annihilation Peter Quill incoming…

    I’m fine with recasting Zoe and Dave as Gamora and Drax. I hope that Marvel goes with a taller woman like in the comics (tall fine women out there who can act, I trust K.E.V.I.N). I appreciate both actors and thank them for their service, shoutout to Zoe being generous and freeing up one of the franchises that she’s in for someone else. Blessings sister.

    Finally, back to the Super Mario movie, my 4 year old calls it “Peaches” movie. Still asks me everyday when are we going to see Miles Morales. See what happens when you try to spoil your kid & they now start making demands? She wasn’t impressed that another movie didn’t start right after Mario ended (damn you streaming). I’ll train her Creed style before her 2nd cinema experience.

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