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PG 367: A Barrel Full Of Crackers

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss what soda goes best with meals, buying food your mate won’t eat, Crowdcast changes, the Karen Hunter show, writing for a podcast, the writer’s strike, Jordan Neeley, Rod’s new IG Terrance Howard stories, Flipping The Bird, Fatal Attraction, the Recruit,  and listener feedback.



    What’s up guys,
    Hope all is well,

    I had a question for the professional writer on this podcast! Rod , if you know, does the strike affect shows that are expected to come out in the near future? Like for example, the fear the walking dead final season is set to come out soon, will the strike its release? Or just future projects and seasons that have not yet been worked on or are in the process of being worked on?

    Just curious….

    Have a good one

    Fyahworks out


    Hey gang, I need to give The Grey Area podcast a shout their “You Can’t Blame Everything on Capitalism” episode. I liked how they really cut through all of the noisy, nihilism that often surrounds what is the most sound way to deal with something as complex as capitalism. Also, started watching Beef & my GAWD! Absolutely an exemplary look at what the pressures of life and grief can do to people. Controversial opinion: David Choe’s really good. I know I’m “supposed” to hate him for shit he hasn’t done in nine years, but this script got a good amount out of him as it’s gotten out of Steven Yeun & Ali Wong. It’s also a reminder that those long, boring chicken sandwiches at Burger King, are just that inferior to their latest chicken sandwiches made juxtaposed to Popeyes (which BK owns, weirdly enough) I’m currently on episode five, so I’m looking forward towards how it ends, what’s learned, etc. Man, I even want a physical copy of it, primarily in DAT 4K. Great show, so far.

  3. PamelaM8

    Hello to Rod, Karen and Justin!

    Applause for your highly relatable soda content! Rod, I’m with you; soda, especially soda with sugar, will alter the taste of any meal. That’s fine when you’re a kid, have no developed palate, and can’t discern or appreciate the flavors of the food, but otherwise in my opinion soda is a rare, by itself, cool refreshing summer drink. I raised my son on Diet Coke, but we both gave it up when he was 12 and we just drink water now. I do have a can of regular Sunkist in my fridge from last year that I got from a Korean Fried Chicken place and if it gets hot enough this summer, I’ll bust it out.

    Also, we love Cracker Barrel! Absolutely delicious! Buttermilk biscuits always on point, and pecan pancakes! Doesn’t mean we sit in there, we get carryout so we don’t get any racism on us.

    Thanks to all!


  4. rodimusprime

    Yo, I just wanted to stop by to say what up and to (if I may) give you all a podcast recommendation. If you haven’t already done so be sure to check out the new Iconic Records Podcast hosted by Angie Martinez. This is their first season and for this season the focus is on Biggie’s Life After Death album. I stumbled across it last week on Youtube when the first episode dropped. I’d definitely recommend watching it if you can because the interviews, video clips, and overall production value are really good. But if you want just the audio version you can find it on your podcast app of choice. Episodes drop on Mondays. Right now there are only 2 episodes out, but if I’m not mistaken there will be 8-10 for the season.

    Ep 1 – Who Shot Ya

    Ep 2 – Sky’s The Limit


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