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BDS 477: If You Was A Real Brother

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Dillon Brooks, NBA play-offs, Jamaal Jarrett anti-Asian racism, Ime Udoka opens up about regret, Serena is pregnant, DeUnna Hendrix resigns, Jimmy vs the T-wovles, Antonio Brown arena league drama, Trevor Bauer acting up in Japan, Jackson Mahomes arrested, Rob Murphy fired by Pistons, Angel Reese, Lewis Hamilton wants to race NASCAR, Sha’Carri smashes competition again, Howard Stern wants Black NBA players to speak to him, Tom Brady not turning down Fox contract, James Harden politely slaps a man, Veronika Rajek takes pic with Shaq, Kenny Smith on the beach with the titties out and Brett Favre asked Trump for help.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Ja Jorant,

    I hope all is well.

    So who y’all got playing Miami in the Finals, the Lakers or the Nuggets? Jimmy Butler is powered by spite and the only thing more unserious that the Celtics organization are Brown and Taytum’s shot selection. Ime Udoka shouldn’t have been shopping his meat around the workplace but have we considered that the Celtics team just has bad vibes and is cursed to never succeed?

    Speaking of not succeeding, where do y’all think the Sixers will go from here after Philly’s Big 2 of Tobias Harris and Tyrese Maxey played hard but couldn’t get the job done against Boston?

    I hope Ja Morant can get his shit together cuz while the jokes are funny (upgrading from a pew-pew to bang-bang gun lmao) that clip of him guzzling Casamigos is concerning. I hope that young man is alright.

    Have a great weekend y’all and thanks as always!


  2. rodimusprime

    G’Day Rod, Karen & Justin.

    There’s a few things in life that bring me joy.

    A good nap, the Winnie The Pooh movie, a char-siu & rice from the local.

    But one thing that’s high on the list, is seeing Knicks fans get their hopes up & then watching it all fall apart.

    Sorry Doughstax that it had to be your Cavs that got their hope up high, but it warmed my heart on these cold autumn days seeing all those Knicks fans upset on the timeline.

    So see ya later New York Stinkerbockers. How is this Heat team still alive.

    & congrats on beating the odds & getting the 2nd pick. I knew when the Spurs traded Murray for a bucket of popcorn, that it smelt like a 98 Duncan tank job.

    Have a good 1



    I’m back for another week and another comment…..

    Good day rod, Karen, and Jivan toney

    Who, you might ask? Well Ivan Toney is a British soccer player for a team called Brentford in the English premier league. Why has he been called to the front of the congregation? Well let’s just say he can be compared to nfl player Calvin Ridley! Ivan Toney just received a ban from the team and league. An 8 month ban for violating league betting rules! He admitted to 232 breaches of the rules and can not play until January 16th 2024! I am an avid soccer watcher and the season is about to wrap up in 2 weeks. It starts back in august, so he will miss half the season. the funny part of this whole situation is, when you watch soccer matches, the stadium is full of betting ads, including on the jerseys of a lot of the teams, What you might call, the poorer teams! The bigger teams get sponsorships from big international companies! Brentford, the team this fella plays for, get sponsorship from a company called Hollywood bets! And it’s so ironic that’s why he has been suspended! He probably signed up and used the promo code.

    You guys gon talk bout the nba so I’ll leave it here!

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out


    Hey Rod, Karen & Ja Morant

    Not once have I seen the scuttlebutt about the second amendment & Ja Morant, since, purposely, people are trying to make this individual into an undeserved martyr. He’s displayed a gun on IG twice and had one of his friends with a laser pointer pointed at the Pacers. The fucking Bikram stretch to explain Morant’s moronic state is textbook disingenuousness at an all-time high. I like Clinton Yates, Nick Wright and others who’ve made connections to what Ronald Reagan did with Gun Control, but nah. Leave the histrionics for a different matter. He brandished a gun twice for clout. His idiocy is on red alert, right now and just making it a thing that he’s being “persecuted” is how logic goes to die. Rod, you & Bomani had the right frame on this, that he’s carrying too many people in his life. People, like his parents, to be de facto money supplier. A basketball player of any walk of life, shouldn’t be bestowed with that responsibility alone. Nothing wrong with having money, nothing wrong with helping family financially but to them simply make an individual the exclusive money vault, is dehumanizing. When Bo said that on shit Monday’s Right Time, I was like…….yeah. People going to others just for money and not for his, her or their personal well-being is just emotionally disconnected.

    Nothing wrong with liking Ja Morant. I like the guy, but he needs to get his head on straight. Buddy needs help. Not that 1-2 week break, like he really needs to focus on what’s bothering him, because as someone who dealt with a family member stealing money from you, without your permission, a week of decompression isn’t going to cut it. Gotta focus on the problems with a good psychologist and other trained therapists. Ja needs a reboot for himself. Ja needs to stop fucking up for himself. The last thing we need, is to see niggas propagating this into some “you don’t know what people are going through” until it’s sadly too late. Save all that performative second amendment shit. This ain’t the one. Peace.

  5. rodimusprime

    What up! It’s Monday night and I’m sitting here watching the Knicks play Miami and listening to Bomani’s show. He was just asking what someone would have to say or do to make Steph Curry swing on them in a game? I started wondering that myself, and then I remembered that Rod and Justin had played with him at the Y when he was younger. Did y’all ever see him get into a fight or almost get into a fight back in those days? Even if it never got physical I would imagine that he had moments when he had to prove to niggas that he wasn’t soft and that he was out there to bust their asses. Aight, that’s it for now. I’ll holla at y’all. Peace!



    Greetings rod Karen and jlen kupier

    1. I think this maybe one of the reasons the professional teams are leaving the city of Oakland California….
    This is how it started….


    And this is how it ended


    I thought it was called the negro leagues, but if you let this man tell it…..

    2 shout out to bronny, making his way to USC! Will this be a one and done situation? Lebron came out this weekend and said he still wants to play with bronny, but only if that’s what he wants, and I can respect that.

    In other lakers news, it has been reported, pat bev and russ say they want rings if the lakers win it all. Justin how you feel about this? Not only do I want the lakers to win it all but I wanna see if they actually go ahead and give them rings.

    3. does Philly keep doc rivers if he, again can’t get out the second round??

    After coach bud was let go in Milwaukee, here comes the rumors of Giannis leaving, and I’ve heard him to the lakers or the Knicks. I don’t see that happening. I say let’s focus on these playoffs, which have been really good thus far, every series , every round. We have all summer to talk movements and trades and rumors.

    Lastly, Howard stern is salty he don’t get noticed or acknowledged by nba players when he is at games even when he is sat near notable celebrities. Twitter started playing old racist clips he did and ask “this you??”

    You guys rock! Have a good one

    Fyahworks out

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