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2708: Kute Klux Klan

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  1. EvieE

    Jerry Springer along with chicken noodle soup and ginger ale were the perfect sick day combination. Although he’s considered the king of trash tv, does anyone remember Morton Downey Jr? He made Jerry look tame because he would get in guests faces and blow cigarette smoke in their faces and yell at them and his audience members would sometimes come out the audience and fight the guests? That was the chef’s kiss of trash tv.

  2. Yaytoonday

    I was thinking of an episode of This American Life about Jerry Springer. aired years ago . Springer was so much more than trash TV that is now his legacy. He actually started off in progressive politics, doing progressive things. Thankfully TAL re-aired the story this past weekend. It’s worth a listen. https://open.spotify.com/episode/7sWTXCZ2OMtPgR7MRnM1y6?si=0GfIpLh6RUSdRo3BFjGGCA

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Thanks for believing in my ability to cheat!
    I could maybe somehow do it, but I know it wouldn’t be worth it.

    Maybe I just don’t hear criticism anymore, or maybe I achieved the level of bitchiness and hostility that people don’t dare saying something. If so, great!
    But honestly somehow when I got to 40 things got better. I never expected it to happen! People seem to be into what I have to offer in a good way, they talk to me in a normal way and never say anything to me about any part of my appearance. I suspect it’s because I live in peace with myself and don’t need validation. I just think I’m a human who deserves to live and not to be bothered. When I was younger I got so, so many unwanted opinions.
    I hear very few comments about my body or hair or anything in fact in any way and I love it.
    I also don’t need compliments. Just talk normal to me.

    I think people are so mean to Lizzo because they are mad at her how she dares to be not thin and still wear flashy clothes and not to hate herself.

    • RamseyDeeJenkins

      That she wears what she wants and does not hate herself speaks loudly! I love Lizzo!

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