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TNO 196: Check Your Emails

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Chris Lamberth discuss listener feedback, entertainment, The Flash will reset DC Universe, King of the Hill revival, Nintendo gives employees raises, Star Trek: Discovery ending with season 5, Punisher coming to new Daredevil show, GameStop employees freak out over RE4 pre-order cancelation, Creed anime coming to Amazon, James Gunn directing Superman film, Twitch streamer caught with deepfake porn of friends is now helping, Shazam fall out, Michelle Rodriguez won’t be in Avatar sequels, Moana live action movie, Stars getting new movie with Rey, PlayStation controller that changes temperatures, Game of Thrones prequel in the works, Street Fighter movie, Asus handheld gaming PC, The Marvels trailer get most dislikes on YouTube, Super Mario Bros movie breaks records, Horizon Forbidden West review bombed over queer romance, Elizabeth Olsen says Doctor Strange writer hadn’t seen WandaVision, EA not worried about Activision deal, E3 is dead, Phil Spencer takes responsibility for Red Fall being bad, Sweet Tooth getting final season, Midnight Suns not coming to Switch, GameFace AI and MMO players steal $20,000.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Nerd Off Crew,

    I hope all is well and Happy Pride month to my LGBTQIA folks. Gang gang, we out here.

    Shouts out to Respawn and EA for designing a slew of queer characters for Apex Legends from launch and continuing to do so throughout further releases. Hell, they even have a queer love triangle between 3 characters (Bangalore, Valkyrie and Loba) that has been ongoing for like 2 years now. It’s one of several reasons I love that game and admire the detail taken for meaningful character design, in addition to shooting niggas in a battle royale. Only reason I got into Apex was cuz of my first FPS game: Overwatch. And while I had played games like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark (whippersnaps don’t know nothing about those) and even some of the Halo games, Overwatch was the first online multiplayer game I ever picked up and played enough (easily over 1000 hours) to pick a controller and having me thinking I’m really him. Overwatch still holds a place in my heart cuz that’s my first FPS game like that. So when the sexual harassment factory known as Blizzard said PvE was canceled for Overwatch 2, I was surprised Blizzard had somehow found a new way to burn whatever remaining goodwill folks had. I wasn’t even hyped for PvE but felt bad seeing how many people who were legit disappointed. And then Blizzard announced two of Overwatch’s characters are queer and like… I’d forgotten that Blizzard has announced OW character’s sexualities right after controversy before smdh. Blizzard out here fuck up the bag like they got Jaylen Brown handles.

    Have y’all seen Blue Lock? It’s an anime about a Japanese soccer academy trying to create the Kobe Bryant of soccer and it warms my heart to have lived long enough to see an anime about embracing that dawg over “teamwork”.

    I’m also watching Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury and I am booked on this story where every episode carries some horrifying implication for the characters.

    I saw that movie “Dual” and started reading a book called “The Echo Wife” (woman studies cloning, her husband steals her research to clone her and then cheats on her with the clone) and got me to thinking: what unserious things do y’all think folks would do with cloning? Off rip I know if cloning became real, “Snapped” episodes are gonna be *bananas*.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for dope shows and taking care of y’allselves.




    Vin Diesel won. Dwayne got cucked into returning Fast & Furious, after Black Adam
    and Shazam 2’s plans into domination died into a big ass sparkle fart. Still can’t believe The Rock fudged those numbers for Adam. However, I couldn’t care less about what they want to plan for these films going forward, just stop taking your musclehead, conceded, overblown asses seriously. I didn’t like Fast X, period. Jason Momoa’s brilliant hammyness aside, the magic is more gone than Jimmy Butler’s patented jumper, at this point. Not just that its overstuffed, it’s just not fun anymore. When The Rock & even Paul Walker was alive, films 5 through 7 bristled with such energy & focus. A film series one flop away from being into the bargain bin for Universal pictures, was saved after the success of fast & furious 4 and the aforementioned heights of the middle three films.

    Maybe the ambition will come back. Who knows, this series is dying for the magic to return. Even if things don’t workout between Dwayne and Vin, Dwayne could always ask Diesel for some of the Guardians Vol. 3 residuals, especially if the XFL dies for a third time.

    Speaking of magic, Across The Spider-Verse is sensational. Somehow better than I was expecting, as well. Take it easy, y’all.

  3. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Happy to have y’all back, really enjoyed this episode! First of all just wanted to say hope the writers guild is able to get a fair and equitable deal soon! With everything I’ve read about the strike it really just makes it clear to me literally every creative industry is being kneecapped by greedy execs at this point. Everything outlined by the union could very well apply to a lot of other jobs including mine.

    Quick aside but since last time the black Clover movie got delayed so by the time you guys have your next June episode it should actually be out this time lol. Hope y’all enjoy, literally me and every foreign animator working on anime are on it haha, me and the lads worked on the big Yuno fight in the movie.

    Talking about anime, between the creed anime announcement and Micheal B Jordans tour across Japan I’m so incredibly hyped he got the people he did for that show. He got the Lupin the 3rd staff for his joint. Same people who’ve been pumping out consistently great looking shows (besides maybe tower of god) and potentially seeing them work on a boxing show is really exciting. Didn’t think I’d be this into the creed franchise without direct coogler involvement.

    Switching to Disney, I have zero interest in the live action Moana. I saw recently they already have a director involved now which means it’s really happening. Remaking old stuff makes sense to me but if they’re remaking stuff that came out not even a decade ago I seriously question what the hell is happening over there. Lilo and Stitch makes sense despite the mess it is over there too (I heard someone got announced as David then immediately fired and recast because of something n word related!?) but Moana is too far. Can we at least get the Tiana show they announced years ago before Dwayne strongarms them into doing something else. I really feel like they’re devaluing they mainline animated princess movies by going live action so quickly in this case.

    Last Disney thing, is there any explanation for why they’ve started removing stuff too like HBO max were doing? I’m honestly confused because I thought Disney plus was doing fine, it’s especially wierd they’re doing this during the strike, it feels kinda vindictive I dunno.

    Lastly, Eve Ewing’s Black Panther #1 will be out this month! I’m cautiously optimistic but if I’m being real I’m still scared. Having to deal with the aftermath of the Ridley run before she can start her own story gonna be rough the first few issues but I hope it gets going quick. I really hope we one day just get an Evan narcisse intergalactic wakanda book too. He’s the only one that’s been adding to that side of the black panther universe since coates and it’s getting kinda ridiculous the main book doesn’t seem to be interested in going that way anytime soon. Ok, looking forward to the episode. Love y’all, Felix out.

  4. trojanscooter

    For the past couple of episodes, the panelists have consistently said, “WTF does Dwayne think he is?!” I understand the sentiment but the thing is him, Danny Garcia, and Hiram Garcia are producers on both films. He can veto a Black Adam post-credit scene and it’s not attributed to Dwayne the actor. Just thought I’d provide that clarification.

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