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2720: Recreational Crack

Rod and Karen discuss bugs, Cornel West running for president, Damson Idris’ nightmares, Trey Songz accused again, Chika vs Twitter again, Bam Margera missing, Taylor Swift breaks up with Matty Healy, Chatbot replaces humans at National Eating Disorder hotline, Cardi B, Daniel Penny can’t be racist, Black FL sellout mad at NAACP, ATL police officer sentence for role in robbery, missing fraudster declared dead, hunter mauled by bear he shot and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mary

    About the Chatbot replacing humans at the hotline, I was wondering if this is a big deal for a younger generation. I work in a law office and there is a distinct divide between the senior attorneys/staff and those aged 21 years and younger about using the phone. They took a poll about using the phone, and the younger attorneys said they hated phone calls and even found them “intrusive.” The younger staff I spoke with said they think it’s weird to hear their voice on the phone, and they always choose the online chat option for customer support – never talking on the phone. As an older person, this seems crazy to me. After going back and forth on email a couple times, it just seems more efficient to pick up the phone and get it solved, but nope, these youngsters find that aggressive *shrugs and rolls eyes*. All this to say, while a computer on the end of a hotline may seem unappealing to those of us older, it might not be a big deal to the young folk.

  2. EvieE

    Chika is a prime example of just because you can say it doesn’t mean you should. People treat social media like their personal diaries and then wonders

    • EvieE

      And then wonder why they’re being attacked

      Sorry got post before I finished the sentence

  3. ApiafromGermany

    In my opinion Biden is doing a pretty great job, especially under this circumstances. ( the other party has lost its mind)
    I like him much better now, before he was president i didn’t expect him to be as progressive as he is. And he seems like a generell decent person and an adult , I’m not afraid every day that he will do something insane and it’s great! If I was an American it would also be the easiest decision to vote for him.


    All I got to say about Cornel West running for President is, Michael Eric Dyson was right. Initially, I was squeamish about him running, then it hit me that these are just unserious people running for office. They’re not going to get much fodder across the board, Twitter is going to gas them up & they’re just going to lie. Biden is just Teflon and his voting base ain’t stupid. These niggas are pipedreams. Already stopped caring about him. Lupe Fiasco even reminded me why I don’t fuck with his leftist, loud & wrong bullshit with his West endorsement. Tom Morello, likewise. Stupid gone stupid and I ain’t got time for that shit no more with these ratfuckers.

  5. EvieE

    Chika is a prime example of just because you can say it doesn’t mean you should. People treat social media like their personal diaries and then wonder why everyone goes in on them.

  6. jamielscorpio

    The plight of the black bear is very similar to black dolphins. The black bear is scrutinized and feared by society and they are harmless creatures. For years whites have gentrified black bear neighborhoods and took their food. Then we are told to fear them, when they are just rummaging through garbage that they are reduced to do to feed their family. Every video we see of black bears it is them running from people and dogs. But we are just supposed to believe this innocent black bear is the aggressor? We need to get this bear’s family some representation other than Benjamin Crump. It’s also funny to me that black bears are described as these large intimidating beast. When in actuality they are the smallest of the bears. But the polar bear is called cute and cuddly while being an apex predator. But what do they do with that white apex predator? They em a Christmas mascot and put em on a coke bottle. While the black bear gets killed for eating soggy lettuce and honey scraps out of a park trash can. Peace and black bear lives matter!!

  7. PamelaM8

    Biden for Prez in 2024! Ain’t got time for the dumb s***! I’ve had quite enough stress and worry in the last decade and I would like some measure of peace, thank you! Even if we have to continue to fight for it. *sigh* “All my life I’ve had to fight…….”

    Regarding Damson Idris, today is the day that I finished Snowfall on Hulu and g*d damn! No wonder he was having nightmares, that whole back half of the last season had me shook. Totally underrated and where were the acting nominations? They was robbed!

    Going to download for the third time the last edition of This Too Much. Listened to it when I finished watching Swarm, listened again after I watched Beef, and now I can savor it yet again.

    Thank you! Enjoy whatever time you can get during these spring/summer days!


  8. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars. I am voting for Biden too. Did you catch the article about Racial Gerrymandering in Alabama? Justices Roberts, Kagan, Sotomayor, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Kavanaugh agreed that in Alabama, they violated the Voting Rights Act by diluting the Black vote with new congressional maps after 2020.

  9. Sean

    Mayhem is the legal term used for the intentional maiming of a person. Sometimes legal terminology and general meanings can lead to some interesting misconceptions.

    (I read through the entire Wisconsin Statutes in junior high, not the best material for recreational reading, but I had already finished all my comics and I didn’t want to read through the holly bibble again.)

    • Sean

      Edit, it is a class C felony in Wisconsin so up to a $100k fine and 40 years.

  10. ApiafromGermany

    I never did hard drugs hut sometimes I wonder how it feels to smoke Crack for example, if it’s so good that it explains the readiness to throw your life away.
    But I’m fine with never finding out!

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