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2721: Fire Playlist

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Chris Christie running for president, Bed Bath and Beyond files for bankruptcy, egg prices returning to normal, a home attendants take over dead woman’s NYC apartment, onions getting smuggled into the Philippines, 1000 dollar car payments, lawyer loses job after snatching Black woman’s wig, Gov Newsome pulls up short on reparations, Prince Harry used to be racist, FL thief busted after taking box off head, arsonist plays Billy Joel song, public masturbator caught on Bluetooth speaker and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Miss1ko

    It was so funny to hear the commentary about Tay Tay and her racist ex boo. As if there aren’t many black women who have dated a hotep that they disagreed with on how women are and some of us have even dated coons. Hell I know a few black women married to a black man who is so staunchly republican they can’t even discuss politics at home. Anyway love your fresh perspectives as always.

  2. Bsola

    Hey Rod and Karen,
    I wanted to chime in on the going out of business sale.

    Nordstrom is going out of business here in Canada after opening in 2014. They’re initial liquidation sale was very disappointing. They were offering 5-10% off. Then after 2 months they started offering 30% and above.

    On the Taylor Swift issue, I was thinking as I saw the initial reports of her and this dude, do her fans really think they can bully her into ditching this guy?
    But I guess someone in Taylor’s team maybe told her he was not good for her image. But I’m sure her fans will think they “held her accountable” and that’s why she ditched him. Perhaps the fan backlash worried some people on her team.

    Thanks for another great show, sorry about the poor air quality lately (but then again we’re the ones whose country is on fire, so suck it up America lol).

  3. EvieE

    Bed Bath and Beyond is so unserious about their going out of business sales. I just knew I was going to get some cheap kitchen ware but the BBB down the street from me never went below 40 percent on selected items. All the good stuff was only 20 percent off until they closed for good. 20 percent is the same amount for the coupons they used to send in the mail. Fuck them. That’s why they filed bankruptcy in the first place. Overpriced products and stupid ass decisions. I bet they probably sold the good stuff to places like Ross and TJ Maxx. I’ll be checking those stores out for some good finds.

  4. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Bed Bath Beyond plays too much. Please mark Everything in the store 75% off, including the shopping carts, light fixtures, shelves, etc. Same thing with Tuesday Morning. Mark those cooling pillows down to five dollars.

  5. ApiafromGermany

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    Still great!

  6. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars! I hope someone creates a FIre Playlist on Spotify!

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