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SMR 453: The Flash

Rod and Karen review the latest entry into the DCEU, “The Flash.” We also discuss movie trailers and listener feedback.


  1. Sean

    I know I am late in writing this comment and you probably won’t read it, but I just wanted to point out that CW’s Savatar storyline covered an alternate Barry Allen being the greatest enemy.
    I know that the CW isn’t perfect, but their flashpoint and Savatar storylines had better writing, acting, and CG with less wasted time than this movie on a CW budget…

  2. trojanscooter

    I’ve seen this film twice now and the second viewing was more enjoyable because it was with someone who isn’t tied into the comics/nerd world. In between viewings I watched the Flashpoint Paradox animated film and quickly surmised that the Snyder universe and the cult following it had doomed this film. Cyborg being the one to recruit the alternate Batman? Nah! Cause Ray whatever his last name is wasted all his “goodwill “ on getting Zach’s version completed. Wonder Woman v Aquaman couldn’t cause Zach and crew didn’t create the worlds/conditions to make that possible in live action. Ezra’s criminal and erratic behavior made it untenable as well.

    With all that in mind, the film does a decent enough job of telling a one-off story. The VFX aren’t the best and Barry’s arm motion while running is distracting. Kara unleashing and whooping ass sound have been given more time in post production. Keaton as Bruce/the Bat as a stand in for Thomas Wayne was refreshing. Makes me watch the 89 Bat film with appreciation. Aquaman Lost Kingdom doesn’t debut until December and I’ll be estatic when it does. The general movie audience and film media can finally move on from asking “How does this tie to Snyder?” and having it taint expectations. Fingers crossed the time gab allows people to cleanse their minds and realize that the source material for Gunn’s DCU film universe is mostly the Rebirth era which started around 2016.

  3. trey_swindu744

    (in Franklin Saint’s voice)- “Yup DC … they on that rock now lol .

    Jesus y’all this was terrible -I mean I knew it would be but my god. Thank god for Sasha Calle and Micheal Keaton ! Was Ezra trying to be purposely annoying in this because they didn’t seem this annoying in Justice League. I don’t know what Ezra was doing with their performance but uh they could have kept that bullshit to themselves lol Anyways that’s all I got Rod & Karen.



    A deplorable mess beyond compare. The CGI is indefensibly bad. Director Andy Muschetti says it’s from Barry’s POV via the speed force. Nigga, in any medium where someone is going Mach Infinity, said medium has demonstrated how people look in that moment. Not particularly a big fan of this movie, but Days of Future Past did this better. Eternals’s Makkari fucking did this better and no object or character looked like a washed out piss poor looking thing. Shit looked like something from the Nintendo 64-era or even Dreamcast doing a 3D game. It’s embarrassing to have a man like that attempt to use that explanation. You didn’t try in the chronodome or with Reeves, Cage & Shaver in those sorry looking comic reels. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Speaking of terrible, what’s the point of attempting to retcon Man of Steel, if you’re going to kill this Supergirl? A fixed point, Andy. It wasn’t a fucking fixed point, when Kal-El went fucking Quan Chi on Zod’s neck in the 2013. Let her be Supergirl. Killing her just upends how little you care about a Kryptonian woman doing shit that the guys do. Fucking Faora doesn’t have a line of dialogue and is killed by even stupider Barry Allen. Michael Shannon, Antje Traue & that big nigga that Batman needed like 700 explosives to use to kill, came back for this? Alternate-MoS looks like shit too. Looking like incomplete Redfall for the XBOX Series S|X.

    Ezra Miller and all their shittastic crimes, is just not good in this role. A while back when I attempted to give them grace for BvS & Justice League, I was merciful. Today, I’m going Les Grossman on this motherfucker. I couldn’t buy their portrayal as Barry. Miller is better when they have to talk to Bruce alternate Gotham (Michael Keaton, also, deserves better) as Barry’s 30 year old self. I don’t need to see two iterations of a sorry-ass Barry played by an actor who’s more annoying than a fucking nat. Ezra’s done better work in other mediums. Here? They suck hard. They can’t act or run or be funny. They’re an annoyance throughout. The Saving Babies scene is an abomination with some of the worst CG I’ve ever seen. People who bitched about Marvel Studios’s CG in their latest Phase 4-5, owe them a fucking apology. Not just I prefer Marvel over DC, the effort isn’t close. Ant-Man & The Wasp Quantumania isn’t exactly the greatest film but the CG looked like something in the Quantum Realm. I know them VFX niggas were exhausted after Victoria Alonzo was dicking them around but it looks like something. It wasn’t perfect but it had a purpose. WTF is this sourpuss shit with sourpuss looking babies?

    Good to see Ben Affleck do good here, Gal Gadot was fine in the Wonder Woman cameo, it just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t even do nostalgia well. I think the term fan service gets a bad wrap, since, some think that it’s empty and doesn’t get the point across. Case in point: No Way Home, Into & Across The Spider-Verse are exemplary ways to do this well. Each character has a purpose, through-line, narrative and aren’t just there to be around. Those creators of those films not only get the characters but they never dumb the material down, which is where a lot of critics miss the point a lot on these films (also they’re unapologetically diverse and are unflinching, but hey, jazz hands, motherfuckers!).

    I digress, I’ll try, this is a bad movie, a mess, an abomination and not great at anything. If anything, I’m just tired of pretending that this shit deserves to be treated with kid gloves. I know it’s entertainment but entertain me, damn it. Admittedly, I laughed a few times and didn’t give a shit because this film doesn’t give a shit about anything.
    I’m not even mad Muschetti is getting the Brave & The Bold gig. Somebody had to direct this piece of shit and this white dude got to fail up and direct a new DC property. Just hope James Gunn is on him like Kevin Feige at Marvel is like on his fellow creatives to be in motion.

    I know Aquaman 2 is coming out, but this feels like the DCEU is fucking over. Ten years of this and they had some good films, just no where near the MCU.

    Good riddance.

  5. Karmenjay

    I was sooo offended by their CGI
    choices. It’s like they decided to use the vintage tech from the mummy returns when they introduced the scorpion king. It was so bad. There were points where they used digital effects that didn’t even seem necessary. But I couldn’t expect anything else, when DC thought it was a better choice to digitally remove Superman’s mustache rather than let him have facial hair after being dead.

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