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SMR 454: Disney’s Strange World

Rod and Karen review the animated Disney Plus feature, “Strange World.”


  1. RoninRaphael

    We enjoyed this movie. I was surprised by it tbh, my expectations were pretty low so I guess that I ended up being surprised at the end. The diversity was beautiful and I would ❤️ to see more like this, hopefully the majority will support.

    Karen is right (and you too Rod), this movie is about relationships. I didn’t think about the conflict with the grandkid at first, I recall him being embarrassed by his dad trying to be too cool around his friends, probably why I wasn’t surprised by his turning his back on his father and running to the absentee grandpa. Overall the marketing of this movie sucked just as bad as the synopsis. Or maybe they were already trying not to offend DeSantis (and how did that work out?) Something felt off and if my kid hadn’t clicked on it first day it was available on Disney +, I don’t think I would have watched it. Not a great movie but surely a good time.


    Certainly could’ve benefitted from better storytelling and stakes, though, this was fine. It’s colorful, tells a nice environmental message but I just found this to be too simple for its own good. Needed more characters development, as far as, societal stuff to give the film some needed depth.

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