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2723: Slipping Into Kevin Samuel’s Brunch Boots

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Sean

    As per the poll:
    Do I need it? No.
    Would I enjoy it? Definitely.
    Would I enjoy it even if you decided to do a latter half of the final season compilation episode? Yes to that too.
    Wait, did you say Fear the Walking Dead is back? Damn, I have to get caught up…

  2. Kiye

    This joint let me vote twice, so there’s that. Yes to walking dead recap. I haven’t watched it because y’all haven’t yet. I’m waiting o.man YALL eyes emoji . Anyway love y’all and peace.

  3. PamelaM8

    Hi Rod and Karen –

    Haven’t listened to the episode yet, but my son told me about the survey question. No, I don’t NEED for you to do the Walking Dead recaps; I say that while enjoying all of your past thoughtful, entertaining recaps! I’m here for the jokes! I’ve not watched one episode of Walking Dead (too gross, but I read the graphic novel run) but always listened to the recaps because you two are amazing story tellers! No skips! Doesn’t matter what you’re talking about.

    Anyway, you both have enough work to do, so watch and enjoy the final season! If you feel like giving some broad strokes over the last season, like you did with the last This Too Much on Swarm, Beef and Snowfall, do that! Or do show by show, whatever works best for you and your schedules. If we don’t get anything at all, I won’t be upset about it.

    Appreciate all that you both do!


  4. ApiafromGermany

    Phone vs email
    At work,
    Some conversations are for email and some are for the phone in my opinion.
    Exchanging information: email rules.
    Bitching about an other department? Call.
    A phone call can not be forwarded so easily, it’s way more private. ( of course not 100% but better)
    Even when I communicate with my supervisor, on the phone I say to him : this new company rule is horse shit and everyone knows it.
    I would never use email for this kind of talk.
    I absolutely say critical stuff in writing but think about the language and how it could be misunderstood.

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