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2724: Moving On Up!

Rod and Karen are joined by Rod’s dad for their annual Father’s Day episode. We discuss the NBA play-offs, listener questions, flight canceled after crew member arrested, Beyonce may have raised inflation in Sweden, Biden exposes hidden ticket fees, Trump dines and dashes, wellness chatbot taken offline, Supreme Court upholds voting rights act in AL, Donald Trump Jr racist texts, Jack Harlow wears a bonnet, Latta Plantation opening back up, why do some Black folks sell out, killer calls housekeeper to clean up murder, clerk tries to cash left behind lotto ticket, trespassing challenge and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I always enjoy when your parents are on the podcast. Hope your dad had a happy Father’s Day.
    I wish I could have been there to laugh at all those people who thought Trump was gonna pay for their food. He didn’t even pay for his own. Lol

  2. earnestdotcom

    I’m pretty sure that Jack Harlow is getting ahead of the eventual Strawberry Shortcake live action remake and making his case for being cast as the Purple Pieman.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Oh, your both parents are so sweet and respectful Rod. By that I mean they realized that you are an adult and act accordingly. My parents are very supportive amd would everything for us but still try to parent me, and I’m exactly your age, have two kids, a law degree, a successful career and other good stuff so I know no matter what I do it will never change. I wish my parents could learn from yours.

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