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2725: Cracker Barrel Has Fallen

Rod and Karen discuss a $200 date, LGBTQ News, missing sub, Spotify breaks up with Meghan and Harry, Sukihana being harassed in interviews, Dr. Umar makes some points, man crashes into bear, man throws wood at firefighters, European sex championships controversy and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Angela

    Hi Karen and Rod,

    Excellent podcast as always! You guys are the best.

    The way the Royal Grifting Family, UK media, and MAGA lie about Meghan no matter how much evidence exists to prove the opposite is a thing to behold. I am supposed to be unbiased but whenever I hear something from their mouths about Meghan or Harry, I presume it’s a lie, a projection of some ish the Royal Family is actually doing, or a twisted misrepresentation of a fact or a statement that M & H put out. M & H say they want to step back from their senior roles. The British media and Royal Family then twist their written statement to say they said they left for “privacy”. The comedy tv shows and people in general start questioning why they are in public and doing a book tour when they wanted “privacy”. It’s insidious. I can’t imagine being in their shoes.

    She has had no problems in the entertainment industry for over a decade, but now according to them, she is a grifter and moving in an amoral way when it comes to the Spotify contract. There is a probability that there is some sort of clause or understanding for her to do so without being sued by Spotify. The pattern I have seen on my Twitter timeline is that the RF and MAGA spout lies when trying to distract from their own bs. Kate’s parents are bankrupt despite monetary help from William and not paying their vendors as contracted, but Meghan is a “scammer, lazy, grifter, desperate for money”, and doesn’t honor her contractual obligations.

    If a person isn’t a stan or has the time or interest to fact-check, people can easily end up thinking that she is doing something wrong. I think that is what they count on-keep the big and little lies and misrepresentations coming fast and furiously and no one can keep up, and consequently, there is this tinge and doubt about Meghan as a person. She isn’t president but the way the RF, media, and MAGA talk about her reminds me a lot of how they talk about the Obamas-just vitriol out of nowhere that they use to dismiss, disempower and delegitimize.

    Thanks for an awesome podcast!

  2. HvyWght

    This Sukihana thing makes me think of Meg The Stallion and all the men that came out after the verdict apologizing and saying they handled it wrong. Here we have another instance of a Black woman being violated and the first impulse is either silence or to defend the man. Masculinity can definitely be a Republicanesque party line that you aren’t allowed to deviate from in any way without garnering the ire of other men. And this idea that men lack even a basic sense of self control that is not only agreed upon but accepted as fact and then used as a basis to justify these inappropriate actions SHOULD be an insult. Instead it’s a crutch.

  3. EvieE

    I wouldn’t call myself a Harry and Megan Stan but I see a lot of things about them on my Twitter timeline and it appears most of the negative articles about them are from the conservative owned papers they happen to be suing.
    Because it was so talked about I listened to the 12 archetype podcast episodes and they are pretty good. And Megan was actually interviewing the main guests on the shows. There’s no way she’d have people like Serena Williams, Trevor Noah and Mindy Kaling and not do the interviews herself because they were being conducted in her home. They did have small interludes on the show where there would be an expert in the field on the topic of that particular show and that’s probably what the articles were referring to although the way the article was written seems to imply she didn’t do any of the interviews. These articles come for Megan harder than they come for Trump who is an actual piece of shit.
    I don’t know why Bill Simmons doesn’t like them, that is his cross to bear but the whole Royal Family is one big grift so let that half black woman get her money too. #blackcapitalism

    You were on point about the Sukihana stuff. I think along with not having a man associated with her people think they can disrespect her because she has done porn and has an only fans. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to have boundaries. It’s kind of like how just last week people were clowning Zion Williamson’s ex because of her Twitter rant. Just because she does porn doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings. She was clearly hurt. People strip away other people’s humanity to justify the fucked up things we say and do to each other.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Every woman has a story, I believe that. At least one.
    I was never raped but I was harrased and touched without consent that’s for sure. Like when that disgusting guy in an elevator touched my breast and asked how much I would charge for sex for example. It’s been 17 years and still when I’m in an elevator with a guy alone I place my bag between us and go as far to the other side as possible.

  5. NicholeJ

    Hey Rod and Karen, love the show!
    I wanted to write in about the Meghan Markle podcast articles, specifically the one that said that she faked interviews with guests and edited her voice in later. You both said “if this is even true” because they seem to be piling onto her and I agree. Her podcast format had one archetype per episode, like “diva.” She would interview the main celebrity guest and then her team would interview academic experts to discuss the history of the word, how it gained popularity, etc. She would introduce the academic segments by saying “we spoke to…” and gave her podcast team credit at the end of episodes.
    The celebrity guests on the podcast would often post pictures of them and Meghan in the recording studio on Instagram. Andy Scott, a producer on the Archetypes podcast tweeted in response to the story, “We did occasionally have producers do interviews, though never the main ones, and we never edited her asking questions into interviews that producers conducted.”

  6. RamseyDeeJenkins

    This was a good episode…Five Stars and Five Heart emojis!

    Being a Black Woman in America is exhausting. Anytime we speak up and advocate for ourselves, we are too strong, overly sexualized, and aggressive.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    Mr Apia and I have money but no time so we basically don’t date. Sometimes we go on bike rides. I feel sometimes guilty about it and i know it would be fun
    because we don’t but there is nothing I can do about it. I could only take the time out of sleep or work out time. The day has only 25 hours. ( I know it’s 24 but I wanted to point out extra how busy we are)

  8. think_p_smart

    It made me uncomfortable to agree with Umar’s overall premise as he called them to communal carpet. Then to turn on TBGWT and have y’all assault me with this too?! Is nowhere safe? I don’t pay my tithes to be on this front pew for guest Pastor Umar. LOL

  9. think_p_smart

    Earlier at that same event, a fan went onto the stage. This was before the young lady was on the stage. Security and the dudes on stage had an appropriate reaction and handled him. Unfortunately, I can’t find the video right now. Anyway, based on that, we know those men (and all the ones like them), know how to react when they see/sense an attack. These men don’t believe women can BE attacked.

    The reason Megan didn’t get it is because she HAD a large Black assed football playing boyfriend who was present, she was also seeking higher education, didn’t have any kids, especially any out of wedlock. Basically, you have to be pretty, attached to a man, and have no living proof of sexual activity to have any chance at support and protection from a certain ilk of men under 65. Shorter, these cats have zero leadership skills. And, yes, I still use ‘cat’ casually in sentences because I am an auntie .

  10. earnestdotcom

    At the press conference, Logitech was quoted as saying, “Now why am I in it?”

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