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2726: Big Mama Not Your Fin!

Rod and Karen discuss catching Covid, Coronavirus News, the BET Awards, Sirius XM shutting down Stitcher, Cardi B accused of cheating, Maury at-home paternity test, the killer whales sinking boats, OceanGate submersible implosion, do it yourself air balloon and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Miss1ko

    I so knew something was missing from the Ocean Gate discussion….
    Your puns!
    I work in a ln industry tangent to the oceangate debacle and heavy on the regulatory side so all I’ll add is… It’s interesting to see people share misinformation about a topic as if they are experts. As an engineer I don’t understand how Stockton Rush could have ever thought this was good safety practice. But I did enjoy your perspectives and I’m finally glad something happened that I have some expertise on so thta I know what’s going on. Thanks for the infronto behind the bastard. Anyway hope you guys are feeling better and better everyday.

  2. EvieE

    Sorry to hear you got covid but glad it wasn’t as bad as some. When I had it the worst symptom I had was extreme fatigue but thankfully that only lasted a few days.

    From what I’ve learned about the ocean gate incident, I think extremely wealthy people are a lot like young people who don’t appreciate their own mortality, the young because they think death is for old people and wealthy people think death is for poor people. Why else are they constantly looking for new thrills while skirting safety precautions? It’s not like they don’t have the money to take care of it. I think extreme wealth makes some people less cautious. The minute I would have seen the video game controller I would have peaced the fuck out. But apparently common sense ain’t that common anymore.

  3. Sean

    Wow… I mean wowww…
    Y’all really jumped the shark with those puns… Just took a boat and went saline down pun lane. Everytime you’d slow down and I would think, ah Namor puns, you just kept cruising along. Nothing could Destroyer momentum. I was like bouyancy nothing like this in a minute. They are knot gonna stop. Some may say you went overboard, but I am all for it! Keep Kraken me up!

  4. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars cause I want both of you to get well soon.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I just checked. The woman wants 150 000 Euro and her name or photo isn’t available.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Our vacine skeptics are similar to your but fewer and they can’t vote for Trump even if they tried. I dont think we have this kind of class action suits here.
    Also the amounts of money you can win at court are relatively small. The country will take care of you with health insurance even if you don’t have a job anymore so that’s good. I’m 0 surprised by the lawsuit because with so many vaccines given, of course. That it is a white woman is pretty much a given as 98% of people are white here.
    Glad you feel better!


    Hey Rod & Karen.

    Karen, I apologize. I didn’t know that you were sick as well with COVID. Just thought it was only Rod, but I hope you’re feeling better, as well. I listened to recent Nerdoff episode and noticed you & Lashanda were ill. Just wanted to send my thoughts & my love as I did Rod.

    Also, yeah, I too have been purging anti-vaxx shit. Been three years with this shit & much longer with Jenny McCarthy telling others not to get any shot to further protect yourself. There’s no “side” to this shit, just smart or stupid. Even though those shots had me feeling like I had seven shots of Grey Goose, it fucking helped, though. Saved me from severe illness but I’m still here. You all are still here because of that protection the vaccine gave us. So, again, I’m hoping you both are recovering and getting rest. Peace.

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