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TNO 198: The Sick And Shut In Episode

Rod, Karen and Lashonda discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Spider-Verse accused of overworking animators, Xbox pays 20 mil fine to FTC, Xbox dones making games for Xbox One, Andy Muschietti dircecting Batman The Brave and the Bold, Netflix saw huge growth from password crackdown, Dan Stevens replacing Justin Roiland on Solar Opposites, Harley Quinn returns in July, El Muerto loses release date, Sony vs Microsoft in court, no Michael Keaton Batman Beyond, Dead Reckoning – Part One setting box office franchise opening already, Zuckerberg vs Musk in a fight, Logan director a little salty about Deadpool, Xbox prices going up outside of US, the Mandalorian changing lead characters, Primal season 3 is coming, Across the Spider-Verse banned in UAB and all the big companies skipping Comic-Con.


  1. Felix

    Hi Y’all, Felix here. Great guests as usual, hope lashonda’s recovery is speedy. I always enjoy her input on this stuff. She’s part of the reason I watch so many K-dramas these days. Putting all the blame on her, Shanna and Mo haha. Was hyped to here her talk about The Glory. I loved that show, it’s easily in my top 10 netflix series now! That and Extraordinary Attorney Woo were faves of mine in the last year. I love that netflix makes these dramas more approachable for new fans like me by dubbing them. Makes it easier to get into and I now watch both subbed and dubbed dramas. My current fave is Bloodhound. My dad got me into that K-drama because of the action. My dad loves Chinese action movies of all varieties but was apprehensive getting into K-dramas until Bloodhound came out.

    Ok next up, Rod I’m so glad you reminded me to catch up on Saga, there was a humble bundle sale recently of Image books and I ended up getting the highest tier just to get as many volumes of Saga and Monstress as possible. Will be catching up over the next month since ei haven’t read it since issue 19 or 20 I think. Will be fun starting from the beginning again.

    Lastly for me, I can’t remember how long ago I remember hearing you guys talk about it but I’ve been watching Warrior as well. It’s unfortunately not easily available in the UK streaming so I just bough Blu-ray’s and have already finished season 1. I’m so excited to get into season 2 I love everything about it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as unique as warrior in so long. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up before season 3 ends. Andrew Koji is absolutely phenomenal as the lead. Hope he gets many more lead roles he’s so likeable! Ok love y’all Felix out.

  2. Newsy

    “I’ll be back”, I tell the cooks on the line as I make my way down to my restaurants Game Center, aka The Employee Bathroom, for a quick round of Gambit Kills Everyone, otherwise known as Marvel Snap.
    How are you enjoying the Conquest mode? My dog is getting longer walks as a result of it. There’s nothing better than knowing you can beat someone’s deck in the first round and then confidently Snapping on em!
    Okay I literally have to get back to work! Folks if you’re wondering why your food is taking so long, it’s because of Odin, Wong and Gambit.

  3. RoninRaphael

    And feel better Rod

  4. RoninRaphael

    Salutations fabulous Nerds,

    I found the timing of the Netflix announcement about not showing up to San Diego Comics Con to be not that big a surprise as they had just held their TUDUM event in Brazil about a week before the SDCC cancelation with a live broadcast of it on YouTube. They brought all the big stars of their shows and movies to the stage from John Boyega to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill to name a few. I was in Germany and couldn’t sleep due to jetlag, opened my youtube and was surprised to see Chris Hemsworth on stage so I said I’ll watch a little bit and 2 hours gone the show was still on. So ya’ll nailed it on that one.

    I love love love Saga and wanted to cry a toxic cry at one point during the delay. I was so happy when it came back. Felt like I lost my virginity all over again. This might be one whenever it gets adapted, I’ll be praying to the creative gods for the right money people to be behind it and not the Kraven crew. I don’t understand the “a superhero movie must be rated R” crowd. As if that automatically makes a movie good. If Kraven somehow gets to face a Spiderman in the future in a Sony movie. Sony won’t make it an R rated movie, so what’s the point? Tell me a good story first but oh well the kids got the great White Lion of Africa now. We safe folks!

    Finally, I saw an episode of “I’m a Virgo” while waiting on more episodes of Secret Invasion. Boots Riley got me engaged with this show

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