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BDS 481: Larsa Secures The Bag

Rod, Justin, Karen and Dominic Rivera drops by later on discuss listener feedback, Brittney Griner harassed at airport, Tori Bowie dies from childbirth complications, Tim Anderson updates his relationship, YesJulz squashes Lebron rumor, Lamar Odom sues ex-manager, Conor McGregor had a weekend of crime, MJ sells Hornets, betting on Special Olympics, Antonio Brown’s team kicked out of arena league, Ja Morant had a toy gun allegedly, Ray Lewis III cause of death released, Bob Huggins resigns after DUI, Golden Knights offered free orgy, disfigured fish leads to loss of 3.5 million dollar purse, Moriah Mills banned from Twitter, Draymond declines player option, bowling coach flagrantly cheats with student, Tyreke Hill investigated for assault, Larsa secures the bag, LiAngelo Ball baby name, SlamBall is back and Naymar gives a terrible apology.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J Gambling,

    I hope all is well. Rod, y’all did the damn thing with Game Theory. I got into listening to you and Karen off seeing see you troll Bomani about Tim Tebow back on the Evening Jones and it was dope to hear and see things on Game Theory that had me pointing at my TV like Leo. The museum about Coach K’s career long warpath against Black happiness was fucking fantastic. Hammering the point about that funny money? I fucking loved that. With the way I consume sports, Game Theory was where it was fucking at. I almost fell outta my chair reading the subtitles to Bomani laughing at Jack Paul getting TKO’d and appreciated the point about Paul’s grimey ass getting into micro gambling. Thank you.

    Which brings me to my other point: aye this gambling shit is annoying *at best* and…well, shit, last episode y’all said folks can start taking bets on the Special Olympics? Gambling doesn’t feel like it’s made sports more fun (and I’ve made money on sports betting before) or engaging. Of course somebody like Jake Paul’s ass would see gambling and decide to get in on the crack rock gambling equivalent.

    Do y’all think the NFL’s gambling policy is built around not having folks talk about them like the NBA? And I don’t even blame the NFL cuz I get not wanting players to even get within an inch of someone saying the fix is in on games. NFL players can’t gamble for the same reason I couldn’t ignore HIPAA at my old job and shout about some nigga having the clap. You just can’t do shit in certain jobs.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always for the dope shows.


    Hey Rod,Karen, and jassan Haskins

    Kindly hit that Ray Lewis for me brother rod!
    So running back Hassan Haskins of the titans decided it was okay to strangle his girl friend, because she liked another man’s post! On Instagram!! he was arrested for aggravated assault. Now I don’t know this fella! But I did find out he is a back up running back! So playing behind Derrick Henry, there really is nothing else to do Sal….

    I can only speak for my self and say I am more of an nba league pass , nba on tnt. Kinda guy! I may watch ESPN when live sports are on, but everything else is irrelevant to me so when the wave of firings came down, I was a bit surprised. At some of the names! Is there any people you guys will miss or shocked they caught a pink slip?? I didn’t understand the jalen rose or Jeff van gundy pink slips! Also Todd mcshay, who handles nfl . They got rid of max and Keyshawn but not j will!

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out


    Ps…. Hours after posting my comment, Rogers and fellow team mate, rashod berry were waived by the colts…. Hope draft kings was good to them…… iight I’m out!!!


    Greetings rod, Karen, & J money

    Yes this comment is all about money

    Let’s start with the nba draft,
    So with the 2nd pick. The hornets selected Brandon miller outta Alabama.

    How you guys feel about that pick, over scoot who ended up in Portland, alongside dame, for now?

    I had a question (maybe you know maybe you don’t) when you hear in trades, a team gives up cash considerations or just cash, they never say how much cash but is this cash like remaining money that wasn’t used from the salary cap? Or is this made up
    Money? They never say how much cash it is, I assume the amount is to make the trade work numbers wise.

    Also speaking of cash…..

    (Insert Ray Lewis drop)

    More players are set to get suspended from the nfl, for….. that’s right you guessed it, GAMBLING…… they say colts cornerback Isaiah Rogers is expected to be suspended for the season along with others. Earlier this year, a handful of players for 5/6 game suspensions. But it seems the league as up the ante. They also came out with rules for gambling. It’s funny you get a longer suspension for gambling than for beating women and kids. But the browns ownership ain’t get suspended non gambling on Deshaun watson by giving him a fully guaranteed contract tho.

    Rod, Karen glad you guys are feeling better.

    Have a good weekend and holiday ( if this airs prior to July 4

    Fyahworks out!

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