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SMR 458: Extraction II

Rod gives you a solo review of the latest addition to the “Extraction” franchise, “Extraction II.”


  1. RoninRaphael

    Man I just finished this movie, so I could check out my favorite reviews no disappointment. Chris Hemsworth better chill with the MCU slander when Extraction II allowed the Gay man die and woman of color almost die for that prick of a teenager. The boy didn’t even get shot at least once, his sister and mom suffered like wth. At least one bullet in his ass would have made me forgive his foolishness.

    Anyway I still enjoyed this impossible white man flick but giving us the best action first wasn’t a plus. Rod had me dying in laughter when you said they returned to America and the cops didn’t show up. They were in Vienna Austria for the final scenes the whole flick was a European affair (minus Dubai scene) just as part one was Asian. I know someone from that area who gets mad when she sees how American movies be whooping Austrian police hahaha apparently their SWAT is highly regarded in Europe but not our movies lol.

    Men the villain was a waste of time, too predictable just like his dumb nephew. Every Georgian mafian should be pissed and sue. It’s like that Netflix AI from Black Mirror created them. Russo brothers need to consult me and I’ll give them a brand new villain that will whoop Chris Hemsworth and cover diversity. Idris Cameo was a nice surprise, hello recruiter of Netflix 007 .

    Extraction III has to be in Nigeria or Saudi Arabia. I bet on it


    Pretty much my sentiment with the bland story, bland bad guy & too simple dialogue. A kid dumber than bricks and a callback that was better off on the cutting room floor in Olga Kurylenko’s Mia being here. For me, her being introduced didn’t move the story for me.

    I thought the first one was better, more colorful and more memorable sequences. However, if Chris Hemsworth starts a genre, featuring people punching others with a literal flaming arms? Yes, nigga. I’m here for this. It’s solid throughout. Hemsworth is just a consummate professional doing this work. It’s often said actor X doesn’t get enough credit doing a certain genre, but Hemsworth just has the juice for this. While he has plenty of moments to shine, I’m super glad Goldshifteh Farahani got to put in some work, also. That was missing in the first movie, so it’s super earned that a woman got to go Impossible White Man here. Swear to God they built her ass like Solid Snake with the way she was absorbing them bullets. She & Hemsworth had the Robitussin off. Fast & Furious would fucking never. Idris Elba better be getting him some of this in the third film with his nondescript ass. Just expositioning us with nothing here. Glad his check cleared but do something more, playa. It’s fun, gives me a thrill and it’s a legit good Netflix franchise. Simple as that.

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