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2731: Winger Shows

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Simeon Goodson to discuss the changing landscape of stand-up, performing and living abroad, getting questioned by the police in China, how social media has affected comedy promotion, acting, cocaine found in the White House, India Arie is not a fan of this moment, national workaholics day, police department apologizes for using image of Black man as target practice, Skittles assault, man runs over woman with forklift and a perv uses drone to peep on neighbor.

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  1. EvieE

    India Arie is full of it. How can you express in one breath you love someone and then publicly share them in the next. If she doesn’t want to shake her ass in public that’s fine for her but leave other people alone and let them have their fun.

  2. RamseyDeeJenkins

    This entire episode was a Dracarys (Five Flamin Stars)! The comedy banter and jokes flowed like Floetry! Mr. Goodson has to come back to the show.
    The world has ended if Black Aunties cannot shake their A$$z at Essence Festival!

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