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2730: Man Vs Everyone

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian/writer/actor JL Cauvin to discuss his newest special “Tall Boy,” being laid off as a lawyer, Half Black Face saga continues, the polarization of stand-up comedy, fans punching down jokes, Game Theory cancelation rumors, Yvette Nicole Brown points out DEI Black women being laid off, man arrested for inhaling balloons in car, ATL mom shoots son over video game, ungrateful pizza delivery driver, sword ratchetness and The Other Two is canceled.

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  1. Angela

    Awesome show. I love watching you all chop it up with JL.
    This country is a hot racist, sexist, anti-lgbtq+ mess. I have been watching these firings and show cancellations. I am so sorry about Game Theory, Rod. Y’all did an excellent job. I am going to miss Black Lady Sketch Show. I am surprised they let y’all go for as long as they did. I was thinking about this country, SCOTUS, and of the anti-Affirmative Action culture. That idiot Stockton Rush from Oceangate is the descendant of two Declaration of Independence signers. His family name was on one of the buildings at Princeton where he went to school. He broke laws, scammed and tricked people, didn’t follow the advice, and killed five people, including himself. Somehow black folks getting a tiny bit of Affirmative Action is the problem. Besides Coon Clarenence and Ben Carson I don’t think any of us have maimed or killed anyone. Thanks for an amazing show. xoxo

  2. EvieE

    Since JL brought it up I was wondering if the annual bullet ball episode is coming up. I look forward to it every year because no matter how many times I hear those clips with the commentary from you two and Justin I laugh so hard. I laugh so hard I cried especially when you actually hear the guy say, “ but I have bullet ball” lol

  3. Sean

    Also, on the pitchfork v sword debate.
    While pitchforks have reach (an over-rated metric, I mean Tyson’s reach was almost 10% below his competitors), in confined quarters the reach is basically nullified. It still has benefits as a stabbing weapon over a slashing weapons in those close quarters, but the likelihood that it would get stuck on the wall makes it less than ideal in said situations.
    The samurai sword is a slashing weapon, although it seems like the owner used it as a stabbing weapon. A good samurai sword could break the shaft of the pitchfork but also maneuver around the end to get a good slash.
    The lack of damage to the legs of the sword wielder (the best attack option for the pitchfork) or the hands of the pitchfork wielder (the best attack option for the sword wielder) suggests that they were both flailing and knew very little about how to use the weapons.
    –in the Mandalorian, the spear is just over two meters, which makes it less ideal for open-field combat, but more effective in close quarters.

  4. Sean

    One of the wonderful things about living in Japan is that there is basically no tipping (the only exceptions are medical doctors, although this is technically banned, and politicians, but that’s more bribery than tipping…). I hadn’t hear about Matt & Trey’s restaurant, Casa Bonita. I’m glad to hear someone has the good sense to fight against tipping in the US.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I’m so glad that tipping is way less part of our culture here because I find tipping etiquette confusing. And also wrong. Pay your workers, companies. But I noticed in the episode you would also prefer not having to figure it out every time.

  6. ThePinkSuperhero

    Loved the fangirl section over “Little Shop of Horrors”. As a musical fan, I would love to hear more musical reviews from R&K!

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