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2729: Taking Us Back To Slavery

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian / writer Mike Brown to discuss the return of Comedy Outliers, the writer’s strike, Travis Scott will not face criminal charges and the Supreme Court.

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  1. EvieE

    I hope Clarence Thomas get the most painful hemorrhoids and never have a peaceful bowel movement for the rest of his heinous life.

  2. Cinia

    Maaaan Rod you said the very thing I’ve been thinking about the Jonathan Majors fiasco. First when he had his first court appearance and his attorneys submitted their evidence including statements from eyewitnesses and people involved that night folks online were like, “why didn’t they release this in the beginning? why didn’t he show the public this at first?” And I immediately thought about Torey Lanez guilty ass who tried to win the court of public opinion before he tried to win in a court of law and I was like yeah… good play if he’s actually trying to stay out of jail!
    Then the Rolling Stones interview came out with really turned out to be a nothing-burger in my opinion because it was a bunch of people who refused to go on the record but only admitted to him being an asshole. To which, my immediate thought was like you said, “why ain’t anybody say nothing about this man until NOW?” According to my friends who work in the industry, a big part of attaining success is being liked/likable. And I just don’t see how Majors rises to this level of stardom by being a total dick to everyone he ever knew, but maybe it’s different for men. IDK.
    That’s not to say he isn’t guilty. Clearly there was some kind of altercation that night. Majors may also indeed be an asshole. But the Rolling Stones piece wasn’t the smoking gun for ME that it was for other people.
    Also as a person who has worked in Communications for government agencies, I am certain the NYPD has its own PR machine that will place stories for them. So honestly, I think both sides are using the media to try to sway public opinion and both sides are probably on some bullshit in one way or another. At this point I wish they would just leave us out of it until the trial starts.

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