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2739: Worst First Date Places

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    I like the new segment. Please keep it.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I came to post this, after listening to this specific episode.

    Rod, I can co-sign on your Denny’s food is awful statement. I ate at a Denny’s once because my friend, who was driving stopped there (because of all the known racism, my internal thought was, “I could never be that hungry.”) and I didn’t want to be difficult on someone else’s time. Every damn thing was like a salt bomb. The bacon tasted like they sprinkled a bottle of salt on it before cooking it. Racism aside, I left thinking, “How the hell do they stay in business with the food tasting like that?”

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    This comment is apropos to nothing you guys discussed this week, rather is it a little reflection on the impact your shows have had upon me as a listener. I was listening to former guest, Diamond Stylz’s podcast, Marsha’s Plate, and she when she was discussing something with her cohost and kept confusing and mangling the name of the white woman she was talking about. In explanation, Diamond stated, “I don’t be knowing those white peoples’ names,” I laughed and said, “Diamond is channeling the spirit of Karen.”

  4. earnestdotcom

    Rod and Karen say they need a title for their new instagram segment, when long time listeners know that there’s already an instagram-related segment title that’s been unused for quite a while. Yippie-ki-yo, yippie-ki-yay.

    This message brought to you by One Million Tipping Americans PAC. Shout out to the chat room.

  5. earnestdotcom

    This next one goes out to that poor individual on the first date with mom and sis: Hey, Siri! Play Mom’s in my Business by K-Solo.

  6. PamelaM8

    Regarding the poll question, call the new segment “Doing it for the ‘Gram”! Good way to get more engagement and hopefully extend your reach.

    Enjoy your week!


  7. TanyaW42

    The new Instagram segment is great! The first date at the fried chicken joint with a vegan had me rolling. I recently tried a new mediterranean restaurant called Dagon that was highly recommended by a friend, which was excellent. He had a meal there with his family, and one of them was vegan. She dug into their roasted beet mezze, but the problem was it also has beef tongue in it! Apparently some shouting and hilarity ensued.

  8. ApiafromGermany

    And Rod was right about women also controlling men but it not being seen so critical.
    My mother is a good person but also loves to control those around her and of course also my father. It’s a web of dependency on both sides. She packs his stuff for vacation and this way controls what he wears for example. It’s very hard to accept for her when I say something like ” it’s their decision, we must accept it” about my father or husband or other family members.
    I think with my control of the style with my former boyfriends I played out the dynamic I knew well. And also, now that I think about it more I subconsciously thought: ” when I date a guy like that, he will be thankful that I, a cool woman date him and when I improve him he will be thankful forever and never want to leave me”
    And it worked. But only so much, because I’m not with them anymore. Dating a project was only temporary interesting for me.
    And there was still so much to improve in myself. But when I had a boyfriend project I could not think about that.

  9. ApiafromGermany

    I dont think I will ever be in this situation but what would be the right response when a black person calls you, 1a white person “my n word?”
    I would say ” thank you” and never mention it again or change my behavior in any way?
    This would be probably the best.
    But I know I would think about it the next time we saw each other and wonder :
    ” is that their thing? What does this exactly mean? Do I have new responsibilities now? “

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