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2740: Loose Baby

Rod and Karen are joined by author Bassey Ikpi to discuss her last day on Twitter, the pitfalls of social media, therapy TikTok, Carlee Russell fired from job, the Sassy Trucker trapped in the UAE, Jason Aldean sticks to his guns, FAMU rap video leads to football team shutting down and Bassey’s newest book idea.

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I watched a lot of the Bassey Twitter discourse and I remain stupefied that she was attacked by those numb nuts. It was very clear that she was speaking about herself, yet even clarifying this fact did nothing to satiate the Twitter Rage for Rage Sake beast. I don’t blame her for leaving the platform, there is too much ish actively trying to tear us down now to subject yourself to that form of abuse. I will miss her observations, ironic and funny posts, Bassey was one of the people that helped make that place bearing, rather than an ever-expanding BLOCK factory.

  2. EvieE

    It’s always nice when Bassey is on. Social media is a necessary evil for some people especially if you want to promote your business. My social media is curated to a tee where I only see the people I want to see and I keep my posts neutral because my mental health can’t take the stress of arguing with trolls all day. I don’t understand the people who do. There are literally people on social media with these “hot takes” and it’s with the intent to rile people up. I block or mute them because they’re after attention and yet people fall for it every single time. It’s not worth the stress.

  3. earnestdotcom

    As always, Bassey’s presence is a present. I want “Black Since ’09” on a t-shirt; especially if we can force all the brand new negroes to wear it when they come talking that mess.

    Also, with respect to the football players and their music video, am I the only one who imagined their coach yelling at them like that lady yelled at her dogs to go to bed? (reference for the unfamiliar: https://youtube.com/shorts/3aRTbT7InNU).

    Love y’all and thanks for another great show! Shout out to the chat room.

  4. ThePinkSuperhero

    Re: Carlee Russell, I, too, was looking for a source on the rumor people got fired for accessing her hospital medical records and I never found one, BUT, I work at a large medical center and was told by IT once that people get fired for improperly accessing patient records every single time we have a high-profile patient. The temptation is just too great apparently! Stupid way to lose a great job.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    Im a person who has lots of work friends or friends who stared at work ( I would define it as people you have relationships about more than just work, you talk about private stuff and generally are interested in the other as a person or even meet in free time) and even I tell you, your work isn’t your family. You are there for money in the first place. The company doesn’t love you. They appreciate that you are good for business.

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    Thank you for having Bassey on. It was a good conversation. I’m going to listen to it again but with my kids. My 16 year old loves to stay on Twitter to observe people’s “misery” and finds a twisted humor in it. Because she believes she’s a loser, I believe she thinks she found her tribe.

  7. Deejay936

    The sassy trucker lady reminded of the episode of amrican dad when Francine got arrested for singing in Saudi Arabia


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