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PG 376: Texas Toast

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss seeing Beyonce, Turq gankin’ Justin’s snacks, family is important, lying to therapists, Karen is enough, Rod’s new glasses, How To Become A Cult Leader, Full Circle, Winning Time, Untold Johnny Manziel, listener feedback and reality show news.


  1. TanyaW42

    Regarding congestion pricing for cars in NYC, from what I understand most people are for it because the majority of the people driving in to NYC (especially for work) are richer people. I know the saying is, “lies, damn lies, and statistics”, but i did read this:

    “According to the MTA, 1.5 million people from across the region work in the CBD [Central Business District, not that other CBD], and 1.3 million take mass transit; only 11 percent, or 143,000 of them, drive. Of this sliver, nine percent, or 12,870, are considered low-income, and an ever smaller percentage of this subset have no viable transit alternative.”

    And considering that you need to park which is expensive if you’re not parking on the street, taking public transportation seems to be better unless the commute is awful. Also, the proposal is that it only applies if you enter the city south of 60th street, so say someone coming into the city from New Jersey could come across the George Washington Bridge at 179th St. and not have to pay.

    There’s a component as well to rebate or discount the fees for people making less than $60,000/year. I’m not sure about Lyft/Uber/taxi drivers, but apparently you’re only charged once a day even if you enter the city multiple times. Whew! Didn’t mean for this to get so long, but just wanted to add another perspective.

  2. Sean

    Freezing point of water 0c/32f
    Freezing point of liquor -115c/-175f

    Liquor will not freeze in household freezer and also doesn’t expand as much as water (H2O is one of very few chemicals that expand upon freezing)

    So, don’t worry about throwing liquor in your Texas Toast box. Also, Aftershock forms crystals when left in the freezer…

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