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BDS 486: Love and Light

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Liz Cambage, Mark Jackson let go,  Skylar Diggins, Tim Anderson knocked out, Washington Commanders messing up, college players gambling, Uncle OJ discusses sentencing guidelines, Commander’s radio personalities barred from training camp, Dolphin’s WR gf cheated with 17 year old, Draymond started KD’s isolation in Golden State, Tristan Thompson news, Terrence Williams sentence to 10 years, Noah Gragson suspended after liking racist post, man bails out wife, her lover and the hitman who tried to kill him, Simone Biles is back, Yaqub Talib sentenced to 37 years, Stephen A Smith basketball camp, Malika Andrews taking over NBA Countdown, Super Bowl champ arrested with guns, Marcus Jordan, Northwestern, Draya Michele dating rumors, Damon Arnette accused of robbing IG model, Undisputed guests, Derrick Rose revisits sexual assault trial, NFL coming directly to customers, Phil Mickelson and former Jets corner arrested in Canada.


  1. Sofa_King

    Forgot to add, regarding the rotating guest hosts on Undisputed: I can’t see Rachel Nichols being a good fit. Not only has she never been on one of those sports debate shows, but those shows need someone who’s more of a generalist. Rachel started her career covering tennis and was briefly a sideline reporter for ESPN’s football coverage, but has covered basketball almost exclusively for nearly twenty years; she’s not going to able to contribute to any discussion that isn’t basketball-heavy, and I can’t see her going back and forth with Skip, anyway.

  2. Sofa_King

    I wanted to make a correction about the last episode: Karen asked if Dearica Hamby and Skylar Diggins-Smith had been on the same team, and Rod replied, “Yeah.” Dearica and Skylar did not play for the same team: Dearica played her entire career for the Aces franchise, going back to before they moved to Las Vegas from San Antonio, and then got traded to Los Angeles. Both of her pregnancies were while playing for the Aces franchise, and she got traded while she was still pregnant with her second one. Skylar Diggins-Smith plays for Phoenix, and previously played for the franchise that is now in Dallas. She had her first child while playing for Dallas, and her second child while playing for Phoenix. The two women were never on the same team. The biggest difference between Hamby’s situation and Diggins-Smith’s situation is that Dearica (allegedly) got screwed over by the Aces BECAUSE she was pregnant, and Skylar (allegedly) has had ongoing beef with the Mercury ownership and management going back to when Sarver still owned the team, and she just happened to BE pregnant.

    As far as Liz goes, I’mma need y’all to let my problematic fave live! Sure, she may be a pathological liar, but who among us has never known a pathological liar that they were cool with? Let he who is without SIN cast the first STONE… I can’t defend her xenophobia or her (possibly) self-hating anti-Blackness, though, so I guess I’m just going to have to sit over here and root for her in silence, while I eat my Arby’s in shame. But y’all ain’t got to stay on her neck like that, damn!


    Love and light : Rod, Karen, and jage Steele!

    Alas! It’s is over! The settlement has been paid by ESPN and Sage has finally walked away from the company! Good riddance

    As one anchor leaves, another one comes in! Unc, will be joining first take, part time, (Mondays and Tuesdays) I presume just during the football season! I know unc wasn’t trying to move to the big apple full time and most likely he will still do the show virtually from the west coast! Do you guys think he wanted this schedule? Or did espn say this all we can afford?

    It’s almost nfl time!!! Rod, you doing fantasy this year?

    Lastly , shout out to Yankee star Aaron judge for signing with the Jordan brand! Now there’s various players who signed with Jordan brand, and get signature shoes! But I’m trying to figure out how this benefits the brand! Jordan brand has signed the likes of Carmelo Anthony , westbrook, Zion Williamson, Derek jeter and more. But have you ever heard anyone say “oh shit that’s them new westbrooks? Or them new zions ? They never really said it about the Melos either! I know there a division called team jordan which is more so for high school and college teams, but I’m just trying to figure out how it benefits jordan brand/Nike

    You guys rock!

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Fyahworks out!!!

  4. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J Tuhoy,

    I hope all is well.

    Ta-Nehisi Coates said the this country’s wealth was built off plundering Black people and the Tuhoy’s said that nigga (with the antebellum hard R) is spitting. Not only is the Black woman repping the NCAA in The Blindside now an unsung hero but I honestly didn’t there was anyway for that movie that look worse. The Tuhoy’s even said they’re willing to end to conservatorship! Sure, this was after telling TMZ this was a “shakedown” and making themselves the victims in true caucasity fashion, but the good Lord says forgiveness is what matters, right? And ain’t it *magnanimous* of the Tuhoy’s to *forgive* Oher for being uppity and ungrateful, eh, I mean, uh, “angry” and “greedy” for wanting them to “pay him his share of all that money their raggedy asses have made, which included making their biological kids beneficiaries from the movie profits”?

    This has to create the coonery Thunderdome right? Enamel Acho probably doing foot drills to prepare for the soft shoeing to come and buffing all 386 teeth in his mouth. Jason Whitlock probably training in a cell like Iroh right now! Sage Steele probably asking Chael Sonnen to touch her hair for good luck. The Tuhoy family stealing from Oher reads like the hill these shameless bastards have dreamed of dying on!

    Y’all had me realize last week that Riverboat Ron feeling that heat of Eric Bienemy coming for his job. I still think it’s fucked up that Bienemy has to get it out the mud rather than someone just hiring him as a head coach but this here could be some comedy. I’ma call it now: if Washington’s offense is good, Riverboat Ron is gonna complain about it and cite it making the defense worse.

    If James Harden shared a pic of himself at a club hanging out with Embiid in the next few weeks, how anxious do y’all think Sixers fans would be? Cuz Embiid just said he was gonna show up this season in the best shape of his career and Harden seem dastardly enough to fuck that up.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always for the dope shows!



  5. rodimusprime

    What’s up BDS crew and Jhil Mickelson? I’ve been waiting 15 years to write this email. I’m sick of the bullshit! I’m sick of this FAMOG! This fake ass man of GOLF! Phil Mickelson is a piece of shit and he’s finally getting exposed more and more.

    I’ve hated Phil Mickelson since I started playing golf with Bomani back in 2008. See, I knew Tiger was good but I didn’t know he was GOAT good. Imagine my surprise when I find out that the nigga they’re tryna say is Tiger’s rival, is only HALF as good as Tiger, at best. He’s Tiger’s Sharapova. So that’s why Phil is a bitch ass nigga at golf.

    Phil has ridden Tiger’s coat tails to innumerable riches. And he got to be “the good guy” when Elin went Fore! on Tiger’s forehead. Tiger had to apologize to MFs who wasn’t even his wife, meanwhile Phil was moving real dirty on the low!

    Phil’s problem wasn’t the hoes it was the gambling. So last week when that book excerpt dropped and folks were acting like Billy Walters was snitching about Phil, I slammed a chicken salad sandwich! Phil is the scumbag in this scenario!

    Remember when Phil got in trouble for insider trading? It was Billy Walters who went to jail because of it. Phil pulled the “I’m just a golfer, he’s the the pro gambler, I didn’t know what was going on!” Phil doesn’t testify for his friend, even though he could’ve exonerated him. Dude goes to jail but eventually gets pardoned by Trump.

    So yes, Billy Walters has an agenda for writing about Phil in his book, but it was because it was Phil who betrayed him, first. All of their mutual friends kicked Phil to the curb. He’s old and lonely now.

    Back to Billy’s agenda, despite him having motive, I 10000% believe that Phil asked Billy to place a bet on the 2012 Ryder Cup that Phil was competing in. That year Phil was playing out of his mind with this rookie Keegan Bradley. They won their first 3 matches in blowout fashion. But all of a sudden, “Mr Ryder Cup” himself, the most competitive, shit talkingest-ass golfer not named Tiger, doesn’t want to play a match on Saturday afternoon?! The same day he asks Billy to place the wager. Very suspicious because the USA was beating the shit outta Europe (Europe has owned us in the Ryder Cup since 2000). He couldn’t get good betting odds that the USA was gonna win if it’s already a blowout. He and Keegan sit out on Saturday afternoon, Europe staged a lil comeback. That night is when he allegedly asked Billy to place the bet. The next day Phil gags his match on on a make-able putt on the 18th hole and the USA loses the Ryder Cup by 1 point after Europe overcame a historic deficit. HE DID THAT SHIT. HE GUILTY AF.

    Billy said he refused to place that bet, but Phil is such a degenerate gambler that he got offshore accounts and shit. There is no doubt in my mind that he bet on the 2012 Ryder Cup! Seriously, what kinda golf nigga, as pasty white as Phil, would need to ride around in bulletproof cars unless they was the shady of the shadiest?!

    Now all this shit makes sense why Phil got in bed with the Saudis and LIV golf. In fairness, Phil claims he went to gambling rehab and is a billionaire now. But Phil better not fuck around, the Saudis keep the Bonesaws on tuck.

    Fake ass man of golf


    PS. It’s crazy that the two greatest golfers of the past 30 years lived secret lives that almost destroyed them personally and professionally.
    Police report said the throttle on Tiger’s car was depressed 99% during his crash. You’d never know it from his public image

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