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SMR 467: Blue Beetle

Rod and Karen review the latest DC comicbook movie, “Blue Beetle.” We also discuss some movie trailers and your feedback on our latest reviews.

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    I was afraid this would be another bad DC film after the unmitigated banality of The Flash. Blue Beetle’s first act was admittedly rough to me. Bad jokes, felt narratively rushed, especially with Jaime & the scarab itself. I was, “shit, here we go again”. It didn’t help that I traveled from West Palm Beach to Miami to see it (I was actually there to see Oldboy, which is a terrific Korean film. Highly recommend it, Rod & Karen. Came out in 2003 but it rocks!). Luckily, Blue Beetle pulls itself together just like host & McGuffin becoming one with each other in that great third-act. The Reyes family is wonderful and varies and charming. Unapologetically latin. Nana Reyes was bring that Fuego literally going Jill Valentine on niggas. Loved the sister, played by Belissa Escobedo, she was charming & is kinda a Blue Beetle in her own way. Susan Sarandon was good, if not as engrossing as the other female characters here. Raoul Trujillo, who plays Conrad Carapax deserves credit here. He’s 68 in real-life, playing a man haunted by the machination of war haunting him. I kinda wish he didn’t die at the end, as he played an antagonist pretty well juxtaposed to Jamie, he did very well.

    It’s colorful, good soundtrack and some solid fights. The bar shouldn’t be this low for this type of film, because of prior movies, but it did set a solid foundation for DC films going forward.

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