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2755: Black Supermacist

Rod and Karen discuss Tim Scott dismissing Trump indictment, woman awarded 1.2 billion in revenge porn case, Keke Palmer does video with Usher amid breakup, Rudy Giuliani transcripts, TX teacher loses job over racism, cow with racist name as Wisconsin state fair, road rage spray paint incident, woman steals clothes and truck, a 19-year-old fraudster caught and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Dj

    Didn’t Texas lower their standard to become a teacher a while ago? Figures Dr. Haddassah would go get herself a job teaching the babies to not use the white mans cotton products. Roflmao
    I can’t even judge the lady after all the racist non-black teacher run ins in my school career. If only she hadn’t posted it online.

  2. EvieE

    No matter what reason Keke broke up with her son’s father, I hope it wasn’t to please these people on social media because the same people hyping her up now are going to be the same people who will try to cancel her the first time she says something they don’t like.

  3. Sean

    That road rage incident from guess the race would be the best meet-cute for a TV series… Maybe call it Beef and cast Ali Wong and Steven Yeun…

  4. Itsmee

    The Republicans keep talking about how the indictments are bad… never done before, blah blah blah. YET they tried to find something on Hilary, and no she wasn’t president but, and if they could have indicted her and put her on trial they would have. all them

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    OMFG, that Texas teacher. She was wilding. With every post of hers you read, I pinched my nose and shook my head while mumbling “oh no, baby, what you doing?” in my Karen voice. Oh sis, why?? How every post got worse and worse? Also why she dry snitched on how many guns her man got on Twitter? Fool.

  6. jamielscorpio

    I think it is safe to say that that teacher will land on her feet. Once Dr. Umar puts the final touches on his school, there is no doubt in my mind she is fit to be principal of his school. But he is who he is he, and will have her teaching home economics. Also that cow story deserves a 75 at least due to their lazy racism. They missed an golden opportunity to at least be funny with their racism. I mean jiggamoo was right there. I guess it is too much to ask to make you chuckle with your blatant racism.

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