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PG 377: Fifteen Dollars

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss appreciating their friendship, letting a friend borrow money, Full Circle, the Bald Brother’s Tour, Drapetomaniax, Depp Vs Herd, The Daily Podcast, listener feedback and a Chrisley update.


  1. RoninRaphael

    Hello Rod, Karen, and the Merchant of Venice.

    I do think that it would be a fun reality TV show where people try to get Justin to borrow or give them $15. The questions that he’d drop I’m here for, maybe he’s the Merchant of Charlotte instead. Ask your questions Justin hahaha

    I once ran into a homeless man in downtown Manhattan, I was on lunch break and with a lawfirm then. Brother approached me on the street and asked if I could help him that he’s hungry and hadn’t eaten. There were a couple of food trucks around, so I said YES. Brother walked pointed at a food court instead, and against my inner Justin, I walked in with him. He only got salad stuff from the buffet section to my surprise. I had to ask if he wasn’t getting a drink? After my 3rd ask, he reached for a mineral water. Total wasn’t more than $11 (prepandemic). An experience that forever changed me. Maybe because he wasn’t a friend, I didn’t do my usual interrogation. I still can’t explain it, however I’m glad that he opened my 3rd eye.

    Get the show going Justin!

  2. Sean

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  3. J-Full

    Justin be reporting his friends to Equifax.

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