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BDS 487: Fake Ass Man of Golf

Rod, Justin, Karen, and Dominic discuss Rod getting his car repaired, listener feedback, Michael Oher suing the Touhy’s, James Harden calls Daryl Morey a liar, Sage Steele leaving ESPN, Stephen A after Shannon Sharpe still, NFL player accused of Pokemon scam, Jed York accused of insider trading, Tom Brady hooking up with Irina Shayk, Marcus Jordan planning wedding, Emmit Smith’s failed restaurant, Ja’Marr chase granted restraining order, Chiefsaholic indicted, Xavien Howard accused of secret sextapes, Sunday Ticket upgrades, Marshawn Lynch curses during slamball game and Caris Levert robbed of watch.


  1. chubbzero

    What up rod Karen and jatrick mahomes. Did y’all see the interview where Patrick was asking his wife questions about him? He asked her what is favorite cheat day food, and well. I’ll just say what came next was pure comedy. Aight . Yall take it easy!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J. Roy Johnson,

    I hope all is well.

    Did y’all see that “BS High” documentary about Bishop Sycamore? Now *this* was a documentary and a wild ass story about an innovator in underhandedness and scammery. It’s amazing what someone can accomplish when they have no shame and Roy Johnson is an absolute bastard! And those poor kids got scammed too and had their trust violated by a nigga that probably grew facial hair so he’d look less untrustworthy. Bomani Jones is in it too and is dope, as expected.

    Conversely, that Urban Meyer PR image rehab called “Swamp Kings” was kinda wack and I knew something was off when Urban Meyer was one of the first people to sit down to talk to the camera. I didn’t know Meyer kept the 06 team on the tarmac for an hour after losing to Bama to scream at the players about how they weren’t gonna get him fired…but if that sounds familiar it’s cuz he did that same shit to his staff on the Jacksonville Jaguars. They barely mentioned Aaron Hernandez, they didn’t mention the Pouncey Brothers, Percy Harvin beating up the WR coach, Meyer’s heart problems or the team fall off a fucking cliff in 2010. It’s a puff piece for a victory obsessed sociopath that is probably trying to get another college coaching job smdh.

    Shouts out the fastest woman in the world, Sha’Carri Richardson! It’s dope to see her back on top again.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always for the dope shows!




    Salutations Rod, Karen & Jkip Bayless.

    Christ, Stephen A got my attention with Shannon Sharpe joining him on Mondays & Tuesday for First Take. Two exceptional shit talkers for two days after NFL football and other topics. Also, congrats to Sharpe on his new deal with Colin Cowherd’s The Volume platform. Say what you will about Colin, The Volume’s a good ass platform. Jenkins & Jones, Richard Sherman, Renee Young, etc. it’s good crop of people. Club Shay Shay will continue to grow. Hope his vault is mighty green.

  4. RoninRaphael

    Hello my favorite sports personalities,

    Always good to hear Dom’s voice.

    I forgot to post this last week on Liz Cambage playing for Nigeria. It’s from one of the most popular sports journalists.


    I’ll love to watch Steven A Smith and Uncle Shannon kicking it, but I agree Uncle should be on his own show or permanent feature.

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