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PG 378: A Chatty Chrisley

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the GA arrests, people who don’t like Bey, local elections, getting the car from the shop, Solar Opposites, Justified, Hall of Shame, Untold Swamp Kings, BS High, The Prosecutors and listener feedback.

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    Hey guys

    As a proud card carrying member of tbgwt ,

    I would first like to say an early happy tbgwt day /happy anniversary to Rod and Karen!

    Happy tbgwt to you too justin, you are a major part of pregame and bds and I for one appreciate your contribution.

    Rod and Karen you guys are the platinum standard of love and partnership. I’m proud of you guys and wish continued success with your marriage and everything tbgwt……

    Before I go, I wanted to recommend painkillers on Netflix. It was 6 episodes, watched it all in a day. In my opinion it was well done, and I was happy to see my girl from orange is the new black in another role. Uzo adoba did a fine job. It also stars Matthew Broderick.

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

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