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BDS 488: The Mahomes Fried Chicken Conspiracy

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Liz Cambage, Shannon Sharpe, BS High, Sha ‘Carri wins, Ashlea Albertson dies, Jimmy Graham has a medical episode, Ja’s dad blames Ja, Harden fined for comments about 76ers, Nia Long seeking full custody of child, Trump mugshot, Antonio Brown has warrant issued, Cam and Ma$e get deal for “It Is What It Is,” Serena Williams gives birth, Trey Lance SOL, Michael Irvin reaches deal with Undisputed, Baker Mayfield daddy stole from him, Stephen A discusses Sage Steele, Dame is ready to win a ring, Ryan Clark apologizes to Tua, Jayson Tatum takes pic with Sexyy Red, ex-NBA employee complains about job, MJ’s prenup agreement, Brittany Mahomes posing less, Kevin Hart tears everything and IG model offers to pay fines for hits on baby daddy.


  1. Sofa_King

    I was too late to get this in to last week’s episode, but two weeks ago, A’ja Wilson set a new career high, when she cooked the Atlanta Dream for 53 points, tying the WNBA record for most points in a game, previously held solely by She Who Shall Not Be Named. A’ja was cruising through the first 49 points and then, with the crowd (many of whom drove over from South Carolina, and were cheering for A’ja) getting amped up about her having a chance to become only the third player in WNBA history to break the fifty-point mark, Atlanta started triple-teaming her every time she came down the court, to the point where A’ja ended up tying the record at the free throw line. Dream head coach Tanisha Wright seemed to feel a way the Aces leaving A’ja in the game long enough to get the record, after the outcome had more or less been decided, to the point where she got herself ejected from the game for yelling at the referees.

    I personally thought that was a sucker move by Coach Wright, ’cause I feel like, how you gon’ wait until she gets to 49 points before you decide to play defense? And then catch an attitude because the other coach is like, “Fuck it, let’s keep her in and see can she get the record”? Do y’all think that Becky Hammon should have shown more sportsmanship and took A’ja out with 49 points, or are y’all okay with letting her try to get the record?

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J Niners Front Office,

    I hope all is well with y’all!

    The Niners traded a kings ransom to draft Trey Lance and now they traded Lance to the Cowboys for a mere 4th round pick. It entirely possible that Trey Lance just ain’t good, but Kyle Shanahan has made his whole career taking otherwise mid to sorry QBs and making them look amazing on paper (don’t look *too* hard, though), so why couldn’t he make it work with Lance? Matt Ryan, Brian Hoyer, Jimmy G and now Brock Purdy? Shanny tried to kill RG3 but he had RG3 out here looking nice! Is Shanahan one of those “my system is more important than the players in it” types?

    And now that Lance is on the Cowboys and their QB depth chart looks like last call casting for the male lead in a Tyler Perry production, that begs the very question: do the Cowboys have the 2 worst lineups in the NFL? Dak is know for his Great Clips shape up that Bomani Jones once called “precocious”. And Trey Lance looks like he has the same barber as Dak *but* has previously been shamed into wearing a hat. All I’m saying is if Trey Lance is on the sidelines with a crispy lineup? Dak losing his job.

    Speaking of the Cowboys, shouts out to Cowboys super fan and the new moderator on UBN’s “Niggas Hollering”, Skip Bayless.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful long weekend and thank you as always for the dope shows!




    Greetings Rod Karen and JEli apple

    So Ig model destani who is the baby momma too. Not 1,not 2, but 3 nfl players has channeled her inner New Orleans saints by doing bounty gate 2.0. She is willing to pay the fines of any player who hurts her latest baby daddy Eli apple! She is said to have children with running back Josh jacobs, and quarterback geno smith. Eli apple is a cornerback so I’d say she has covered both sides of the ball.

    Now that preseason is done, how y’all field the panthers will fair this season?

    Lastly what you guys think of the Trey Lance move to Dallas? Is this the end of days for dak ????

    Awesome shows always
    Have a great weekend

    I’ll hang up and listen

    Fyahworks out


      Ps :
      I wrote in before I listened to the last bds so my bad for the eli apple story . I’ll make it up with the nba ref Eric lewis who decided to retire. After being under investigation by the league. It is said , he. Had a burner Twitter. Like kd, but his brother came out and claimed it was his. He was also a big fan of the Celtics and sometimes reffed their games. If I’m not mistaken he was a ref of that lakers Celtics game when bron got fouled, got a no call, and went the fuck crazy lol, which turned into a meme….

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