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TNO 201: What Is Wrong With Zack Snyder?

Rod, Karen, Bacon and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, VFX artists unionizing, Red Dead Redemption port backlash, Sonic sequel filming without actors, Uncharted producer wants a sequel, Disney Plus raising prices and cracking down on password sharing, Wonder Woman 3 is NOT in the works, Embracer deal with Suadi’s falls through, Assassin’s Creed Mirage dropping a week earlier, bots are better than humans at CAPTCHA, Star Wars Singapore animation studio closing down, Xbox 360 store closing down, NERF movie, Baldur’s Gate 3 coming to Xbox soon, Zack Snyder has a 5 hour cut of Rebel Moon, Starfield leaker arrested, Playstation Portal, Charles Martinet retiring from voicing Mario, a modernized Atari 2600 console and Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X console wraps.


  1. Sofa_King

    Something’s been bothering me since I watched Secret Invasion that I keep forgetting to ask y’all about. The possibility of a Skrull having impersonated Rhodey since Civil War doesn’t bother me as much as it probably should, but what does bother me is this: unless I’m misremembering, the Skrull council didn’t turn all the way on Talos until the first episode. If they had been impersonating Rhodey since Civil War, then that means that Raava was on the mission with the Avengers when they confronted Thanos on the Garden planet… Why didn’t they migrate the Skrull refugees to the Garden?

  2. rodimusprime

    G’day Nerds

    This Ahsoka show is fucking great. As a huge Rebels fan, the show has felt like a fifth season to me. I also bought the Lego sets for Ahsokas ship & The Ghost.

    I also smashed through the Netflix One Piece show & really enjoyed it. I’m also now 5 eps into the anime since Netflix has 380 eps of that on there.

    I’ve also been playing star field & as a player who likes exploring & doing side missions, I’m enjoying it. Even though my ship looks like a hoarders house minus the dead cats under piles of books.

    Also, Karen, have you tried that story of seasons mineral town game on game pass? It’s a farming & village game. I’ve named all my animals after transformers in this one since I did Star Wars names in stardew valley.

    Have a good 1 everybody


    Happy Friday, Rod, Karen & Guest(s).

    Movie theaters have been really quite. Oddly enough, I still get the heavy motion of 20-25 minutes previews for each movie before the show begins, which is pretty odd, to be honest. I’ll have to see how that’s changed, when I return on Tuesday to see A Haunting In Venice. As much as I love the theater experience, even in these rough times, I needed a break from tentpole X, Y & Z. Love Marvel, Nolan, the occasional impossible white man junk food, but ya boy, Sandler Agony needed a break.

    Anyway, haven’t been playing much of anything. Got Mortal Kombat 1 but I haven’t delved into it yet, as I’m typing this, but I did try some heaters on Game Pass, particularly Quake 2, Gris & the very funny parody Broforce Forever. Broforce is like a rogue like, where you play as Movie & TV inspired characters with the word “Bro” imposed. It’s charming as fuck. I’ve died a lot trying to avoid missiles, canisters & the occasion fire from enemies. Gris is really good. I’m actually surprised it’s just coming out for XBOX. It’s minimalist as hell, as you play as this woman trying to bring back colors to the world. You don’t get very many indicators of your actions, but it’s not hard. Even bought it for under $5, It’s typically $17 but I wasn’t going to pay that. Quake 2 is remade from the ground up & it’s a game I wanted to play back during the PS1 days, but never did. It’s a fun throwback & controls very well for a dated 1st person game.

    Oh, before I leave, Dune Part One did come on to theaters in November 2021, when HBO Max was doing their same day & date. The Suicide Squad, Mortal Kombat, Reminisce, The Little Things & Matrix Resurrections came out in theaters as it was out on Max, albeit for those thirty days. Till next time, peace out!

  4. RoninRaphael

    We need a documentary on the Zack Snyder R rating cult following and whoever told him that Slow-motion is the way. I’m glad that Star Wars didn’t entertain him when he pitched what he now claims that Rebel Moon is. Why does he need 5 hours directors cut to show us his vision? I thought that Netflix gave him the freedom to do whatever he wanted and he still needs 5 hours for one story? Man, make a series! I’ll never forget Zack talking about how his Batman movie would have rape and a lot more “darkness.” I was just glad to be an MCU fan instead of this by force dark or R rating over a good story that actually makes sense.

    Has anyone checked out One Piece? I never tried the Anime as it was already too many seasons for me to catch up on. But I’ve been enjoying the live adapting. Curious to hear from those who have seen the anime.

    Awesome show as always!

  5. Sean

    Hello fellow nerds!

    You were talking about the PS5 Slim, and the word is that it is scheduled to release in September with a probable release date in November.
    Unfortunately, it does not look like it will have an optical drive (rumor is that there will be an attachable drive), which is disappointing as I want to be able to play my blurays on it, but want something smaller than the current PS5 spacewise.

    That being said, remember, all y’all are in the US, the only market where Sony is actually competing with XBox. While the PlayStation playerbase is unlikely to get as cult-like as Apple, it does have strong brand loyalty outside the US. That being said, I agree that most people will likely wait a couple months before there are some workaround Bluetooth headphones that will deal with the issues. For me, I might consider the PlayStation Portal for when I’m at a conference in Rome and have some downtime in the hotel. I could also see people in Japan using their phones as wifi hotspots to play games as they take the train to work / school.

    Love listening to all y’all whenever you manage to get together, even though it is sometimes hard to keep track of all the Aarons… Keep up the good work!

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