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2760: Your Pettiest Reasons To Stop Talking To Someone

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  1. J-Full

    I used to want to hit somebody with a liquor bottle like in the movies until Da Brat got sent to jail over it. I’m not risking my freedom with a folding chair

  2. J-Full

    Now that I think about it, Im pretty petty. I cut a woman off that I was dating because she insisted on ordering a $100+ steak, well done. The server and I tried to discourage her but she wouldn’t even trying medium well. And then she asked for A1 when the steak came. Just not things you do at fine dining restaurants. I was so embarrassed.

    I’ve also stopped dating multiple women because they couldn’t dress. One chick insisted on wearing clearly visible knee length biker shorts under her dresses. She was way too fine to be dressing like a toddler!

    I stopped dating a woman because she couldn’t answer follow up questions about her stories. Like, if you telling me about all the places you’ve traveled, but you can’t answer a basic follow up question like, did you eat/do anything interesting, it’s giving me liar vibes! I guess she was used to dating niggas that don’t know shit about shit and she could just tell tales all day. Also the way she was butchering the city names and stuff, def was suspicious.

    Stopped talking to a chick because her mattress was on the floor. No box spring. Just naked on the floor like a piece of bread! I thought we were gonna get some post-brunch afternoon delight until she opened the bedroom door and I saw that full size mattress on the floor. Internally, I was shaking my head like that Tracy Morgan “nope” meme.

    My favorite might be cutting a woman off because she lied about buying her IG followers. She had over 20K followers and would only get 5-10 likes. And she had gotten weight loss surgery but was on IG pretending like she’d lost the weight via diet and exercise. On our final date she was bragging about all the money she makes being a scab during strikes in her industry. Maybe like 3 or 4 years later I was telling some friends about the situation and showed them her pictures. She had told me she was born in 88 but everyone who saw her pics (even those with zero context), said she was at least in her 50s. We start investigating her online and there were so many conflicts with things she’d told me. A lot of her stories just never quite added up. She gave me bad vibes and I’m glad i trusted my intuition. Coincidentally, today is her birthday, she has the fake year she was born in her IG bio! That’s definitely weird!

    For men, I usually cut them off for being homophobic or trying to make me an accomplice in their infidelity. Not that petty I don’t think.

    I do cut niggas off for cheating in golf. That’s unforgivable. We ain’t playing for no big money! Why you cheating over $5?!?

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I know that part of climate change is also other extreme weather. But we had no storms or hurricanes here. Just rain. Nothing extreme.
    Btw I checked who invented the new Preeclampsia test. It’s a pharma company named Thermo Fisher with a white CEO. The researchers seem to be of Indian decent. Ah big pharma. When did you ever do a bad thing? ( please no examples. Thanks)

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