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SMR 468: The Equalizer 3

Rod and Karen review the latest entry into the Equalizer series, “The Equalizer 3.” We also discuss movie trailers and your feedback for Blue Beetle.


  1. RoninRaphael

    I like Karen’s wish for the younger brother to have killed the older, hence becoming the main villain. Just came fresh from seeing the movie and jumped on here, Karen’s point got my 3rd eye activated in agreement.

    The whole thing about the terrorists and Gamarro was the movie being a little too serious for it’s own good. It was meant to be a shock but they used real life scenarios as terrorists groups do actually partake in drugs trade be it in Afghanistan, Brazil or Iraq or Nigeria. It wasn’t a bad idea for a mafia group to have Turkish/Syrian symbols on the drugs that they distribute cause they were actually in business with the group but who came to Equalizer 3 for that? That’s 24 or in a movie, Misson Impossible, so I knock the execution of that.

    Now let’s talk about my biggest gripe with this movie. I’m pissed, annoyed and sad with Antoine Fuqua and Sony for reminding me of what I missed out on when the United States Navy refused to allow me be stationed in the area of this movie. I could have been having tea too. I knew that this story looked familiar for a reason… anyway, if I ever end up single in the future I know where I’m moving too. Oh btw, you know the history of Sicilians and Northern Italy? They’re considered the Niggers of the country. Even in soccer the other parts of the country used to openly discriminate on them, there’s also history with Africa (both ancient and current). Not that there’s no racism in the area, however, from my sources that area isn’t new to black people so it wasn’t a surprise for Roberto McCall to be accepted in the community. Now if he had shown up as Frank Lucas instead… Hit that timer.

    Uncle Denzel beating people righteously will never get old on me.


    I felt like the bigger the environment, the weaker the bad guys got. Equalizer 2 gave me a similar feeling more or less. At the same time, this was fine. Denzel giving us pathos & dialogue that’ll have you smiling like a Chester Cat. That scene where he nearly broke that man’s hand did not disappoint. The petty in me, would’ve loved to have seen him shit himself just for the hell of it. Film needed more Equalizing sorta like movie 2. When it does happen, it’s pretty good. While not “holy fucking shit” like in the original in that fake ass Home Depot, with him using appliances & tools to dispose of those henchmen.

    The inclusion of Dakota Fanning is fine. Fanning & Washington have good chemistry. Honestly, if the film didn’t fridge her, I’d wouldn’t mind seeing where Fuqua & writer Richard Went would went with her. Oh well.

    The bad guys are pretty pedestrian. The first film had David Harbour & Marton Csokas eating this shit up. Csokas, especially, went fucking ham on “Little John” in that portable with the baseball game going on. Film just needed more of that to raise the stakes.

    I had fun, though. Admittedly, a tad disappointed but it’s Denzel talking shit & killing dickheads for a little bit & it’s under two hours. It does its job decently.

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