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PG 379: Where Were the Fathers?

Rod and Justin discuss free home repair, hurricanes, new early voting laws, BS High, Silo, Ladies First: Women In Hip Hop, Cardi B, Caught in the Act: Unfaithful, old trash reality TV, listener feedback, and pregame news.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up, niggas! Rod, you can read this either on Pregame or on the next feedback show, but I just wanted to holla at y’all and say that Mom Dukes and I had a great time at the Live show this past weekend. The weather kinda sucked on the way out there, but seeing y’all and all the fans at the show definitely brightened our day. Much love to y’all and to everyone who was there live and all the folks who tuned in online. That’s all for now. Peace!


    Hey guys,

    Hope all is well!
    I go
    up for everything tbgwt,

    Not to beat a dead horse, but Y’all had me watch Bs high and from the intro I was laughing! That nigga is diabolical.

    With that being said I was happy. To hear. You guys do a recap of twd, which I’m currently listening to!
    Although it was a while ago, it was refreshing to hear y’all take on it!

    Have u guys seen, the Maggie and negan. Spin off? Do you plan to watch the Daryl spin off?

    Will we get fear recaps? I know u are busier and if you don’t it’s cool! It’s just curiosity! I’m here for it if you do!!!!

    Have a great weekend, see y’all in bds
    Fyah works


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